Friday, August 22, 2014

Chobani Watermelon Limited Batch Greek Yogurt - Walmart

Chobani Watermelon Limited Batch Greek Yogurt - Walmart
Summer is quickly disappearing and the fall food items are already showing up on the shelves, so I better start cranking out these summery food reviews fast! (I have quite the backlog of summer and limited edition items I gotta write up but, as I said in my last post, the PUMPKINING is upon us!) Where did the time go? It's cliche, because everyone says it,  but I really feel like summer flew by. I haven't even been to the beach once this year! Also, it's freaking AUGUST, why is pumpkin spice everything back already? Don't mistake me for a pumpkin spice hater, my 2012 and 2013 pumpkin galleries are proof enough that I am a fall-foodie lover, but this is pretty ridiculous.

Enough rambling, it's time to review something summery and relatively healthy, watermelon flavored Greek yogurt!

The packaging uses the same (recyclable) plastic cup as the rest of the Chobani line, but this time the design uses the (obviously watermelon themed) color combination of red and green. Usually this color combination gives off Christmas vibes, but the bright neon quality of the red works well with the small pops of bright green and the use of a small white boarder achieves the watermelon-effect rather nicely. The colors may seem a little obnoxious at first, but I think the design department at Chobani really hit it's mark. This layout and color scheme walks on the fine line between fun novelty product and good packaging design.

As I peeled the foil label back I could see some pale pink yogurt staring back at me. These days Greek yogurt is all the rage, and while I do enjoy it from time to time I have to admit that it's not the most appealing thing to look at. The protein in the yogurt gives it that curdled, almost cottage cheese, look and it really doesn't photograph well. 

I scooped up a spoonful and brought it closer to my face to see if this had any scent, and it does, but it's really hard to describe. The aroma is sweet and refreshing, much more crisp and refreshing than the other fruity flavors of Greek yogurt I've had in the past, but I wouldn't say that the scent reminded me of watermelon at all. The aroma was very light and slightly fruity, but the refreshing sweetness is what came across the strongest. (Sorry I couldn't describe it better.)
I popped the spoonful into my mouth and the taste is just as sweet and refreshing as the scent, but that slightly cheese-y dairy flavoring of normal Greek yogurt it there as well. I don't think I would ever have guessed that this was watermelon flavored in a blind taste test, but it is very enjoyable.

This is nothing like eating fresh watermelon, which I did have on hand for comparison, but this specific flavor had a crispness to it that I've never experienced in any other fruity Greek yogurt. To take a product that has such a dense texture and make it feel so light, it's pretty impressive.

Out of all of the Greek yogurt flavors I have tried from varying brands, this fruity flavor is my hands down favorite. The sweet flavoring isn't cloying at all and the tangy yogurt notes keep my palette interested. I easily ate the entire container and I was actually quite sad when it was all gone. (I might have to buy a few more.) Sadly this item will be disappearing from the grocery store shelves soon, and yogurt doesn't keep well, so go out and grab this while you can!
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