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Carrot Cake & Banana Pudding Doughnuts -Krispy Kreme

Carrot Cake & Banana Pudding Doughnuts -Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme's Pumpkin Spice doughnuts will be returning September 1st, so I figured I should hurry up and review these two "Summer Classic" doughnuts before they're replaced!

There's no packaging, other than a sheet of waxed paper and a paper bag, so I'll just get right into the review.

Let's start with the banana pudding doughnut. The base for this limited edition flavor is the same fried yeast doughnut that Krispy Kreme has always made, but this time it's filled with banana flavored "kreme," and it's topped with vanilla icing and vanilla wafer crumbs.

The doughnut smelled sweet and fried, like all Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but there was a mild hit of banana fragrance. It wasn't terribly artificial, like banana Runts, but it wasn't entirely natural either. This mild banana aroma was more in the Jello instant pudding family than any kind of candle or body lotion, so it definitely smelled like food, but it has that artificial and fried aroma that lets you know this food is man made and bad for you. (Which can be fun, but you know if you ate this every day you'd live to regret it.)

I am sure most of you could have guessed this already, since my banana obsession is discussed almost daily, but out of the two flavors, this was the doughnut I was most excited for. I am happy to say that it didn't disappoint.

The yeasty doughnut shell is the same as any other Krispy Kreme doughnut, which tastes light and fluffy, so there isn't much to report there, but the filling tastes just like banana instant pudding.

The "Kreme" filling is lighter in texture than actual pudding, but all of the sweet and slightly artificial banana flavoring is there.As for the toppings, that is where things fell a little flat. The yellow icing on top is just your average vanilla mixed with a really fine crumb of vanilla wafers. While I don't feel like they added anything to the flavor, other than sweetness from the added sugar, the crumb mixture did add a bit if crispy texture to the doughnut, which turned out to be rather nice.

Next up, Carrot cake!

Carrot cake is my boyfriend's favorite, so he was really looking forward to this one. (When these were announced we thought it was really adorable because it was both of our favorite desserts turned into doughnuts. We HAD to get these.)

The carrot cake doughnut uses Ksispy Kreme's cake-doughnut base, but the batter has been spiced and little bits of carrot have been mixed in to recreate the flavoring of actual carrot cake. To top things off, the off white icing you can see in the photo is cream cheese and there's a little orange colored accent drizzle.

We each took a bite, and it tasted sweet, cinnamony, and delicious. The spice blend that Krispy Kreme used was a bit heavy on the cinnamon, but there was definitely a bit of nutmeg in there as well. After another bite or two we noticed that there were tiny bits of raisins inside the dough. I went online to double check the description, which doesn't mention raisins at all, but they're definitely in there. Personally, I love having tons of raisins and shredded carrots in my carrot cake, so this was a welcome surprise, but raisin haters (like my sister) might not feel the same way.  As for the icing, it was sweet and more on the vanilla end of things than cream cheese. I wasn't too wowed by the icing, but the doughnut was the star of the show. (Isn't that how things should be?)

Neither doughnut tasted exactly like their dessert counterpart, but they were pretty darn close. Out of the two I'd say the banana was my favorite (shocking, I know), but the carrot cake was also really enjoyable. My only complain/recommendation would be to add more raisins and carrot bits to the carrot cake doughnut to make everything more textural and moist, but I can see a lot of carrot cake lovers enjoying this doughnut as-is.

Be sure to check out these doughnuts before they're gone!
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