Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Choi's 1 Teriyaki Seaweed Snack - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

Teriyaki Seaweed Snack - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ
Full disclosure, I went overboard buying seaweed snacks this year. Not only did a buy a HUGE pack of 16 sea salt snacks, but I was also buying my go-to wasabi ones from Wegman's and a bunch of these flavored Choi's 1 packages. Due to my seaweed overload, these have been sitting in my pile waiting to be reviewed for quite a few months. (Maybe 4?) I finally got around to reviewing the Hot & Spicy Choi's package in July, which was yummy but a bit oily, and now I'm going to review the Teriyaki version.

The packaging is the same as the Hot and Spicy version, but this time the color scheme has been shifted to an earthy brown, "teriyaki," color. I really like the overall layout and design for this brand. It's bold, but simple, graphics and the appealing ocean imagery create a refreshing design. It isn't worthy of being framed and hung as art, but it's a nice change of pace from the rest of the seaweed snack packaging I have seen.

Out of all the different brands of seaweed snacks I've bought this year, these were the largest package. (Although this brand was also more expensive, so it isn't more bang for your buck. It's just bigger.) The package is larger, which is nice, but it's supposed to be split into two servings. Now portion control is great but, once opened, the bag can't be resealed. That usually isn't a big deal, a lot of food packages need to be stored inside additional packaging to maintain freshness, but seaweed loses it's crispiness when it's exposed to air and that tiny silica package that's sealed in this bag can only do so much. Once opened, you should try and eat all of this seaweed within 24 hours, if not less. So having two portions worth of seaweed doesn't really help you with control here, it just means you'll end up eating both portions within 24 hours anyway. (Unless you share with a friend.) Other than that little pet peeve with portion control and storage, I like this brand and it's packaging a lot.

I opened up the foiled plastic bag and, like all my other seaweed snacks, there was a thin plastic tray keeping my seaweed sheets safely stacked and unbroken. Choi's really does give you a lot of seaweed sheets (no wonder it's 2 portions), and while they look like standard sheets of seaweed, there's a slightly smoked, meaty, aroma. (I'm guessing that's the teriyaki.)

The teriyaki seaweed's texture wasn't as crispy as the Wasabi seaweed snacks I've reviewed before, which are so crispy they are brittle, but they still has a deliciously satisfying crunch. Now, as far as the flavoring goes, these are kind of the seaweed-equivalent to BBQ potato chips. There's some nice smokey flavoring, a hint of savory, almost meat like, powdering coating, and a tiny bit of sweetness. I enjoyed these seaweed snacks about as much as I would with normal seaweed sheets, but wasabi still reigns supreme for me. There's something about that delicious seaweed flavoring and  horseradish-y burn that I just can't get enough of.

These Teriyaki sheets are enjoyable and they seem a lot healthier than a bag of potato chips, so if you're looking for something to satisfy your crunchy, savory, snacking habits, this might just be it. I like this flavor, and it was a nice change of pace from all the plain seaweed I've been snacking on at work, but wasabi still holds a special place in my heart.
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