Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Intense Caramel Apple Milk - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ

Intense Caramel Apple Milk - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ
What is with the sudden influx of caramel apple flavored foods? Usually fall foodie items are all about pumpkin and pumpkin spice, but this year there seems to be a caramel-apple counterpart for almost every pumpkin item. We have Caramel Apple Oreos (Review coming soon), caramel apple chewing gum, and now we even have caramel apple flavored milk.

Back in 2012 I reviewed Intense's pumpkin spice milk, which is like a yummy hybrid of eggnog and pumpkin pie, and while it was enjoyable it was also, well..., intense! This stuff is really thick and really sweet. This is NOT a health food item. (Don't let the "milk" part fool you.) The pumpkin spice version was practically a pumpkin pie milkshake, so how will this caramel apple version compare?

The packaging for this drink is a pretty standard clear plastic bottle with a wrap around label. (I think Wawa uses really really similar bottles for their own line of insanely sweet milk-based beverages.) Although I'm not a huge fan of the label designs for Intense Milk, I feel like they look a bit unpolished, this isn't too bad. When compared to the pumpkin spiced version, I feel like this flavor has the better color scheme and design. The stark contrast of the black label and cap against the caramel-colored product is a lot more appealing for me, but I can understand why the company went with a green and orange color scheme for the pumpkin product. (It's a pumpkin-y color combo, but it just doesn't look as appealing or cohesive.)

Looking at the back label...this is definitely not the healthiest way to get your daily dose of calcium, but this is basically a sugary milkshake, so unhealthiness is to be expected.

I removed the cap and started pouring the milk into a little juice glass, and the caramel apple scent was really strong. (Dare I say, intense? BOO!) The aroma from this stuff was a bit intimidating to be honest, and it took me a while to figure out how I felt about it. It definitely smells like a bold artificial apple mixed with a creamy caramel, but it's walking the fine line between smelling like real food, or smelling like a candle. Initially I decided that I liked the scent, but as I sit here smelling this stuff while I write this's starting to make me feel a little sick. Let's hope the taste of this stuff doesn't have the same effect.

I took a sip, and this is a very appropriately named beverage. The flavoring was VERY bold, and it took me a few sips to get over the initial punch-in-the-face sweetness to form an opinion. The apple flavoring is very bold, artificial, and crisp. If you read the little blurb on the back of the bottle, it says the apple flavoring is meant to mimic a "crisp red apple," but to me this is more of an artificial green apple, and the apple taste reminded me a lot of apple Jolly Ranchers or the apple part of these Caramel Apple Pops

Actually, this milk tastes A LOT like those caramel apple lollipops! It's almost the same, but this milk seems to be even sweeter! The apple flavoring in this milk is more on the tart-side, very similar to the green apple Jolly Rancher lollipops, but the caramel part is incredibly sweet. It's too sweet. I only drank the little glass worth that you see in these photos, and that was nursed over the course of photographing and typing this review, and even that little glass was far too much for me.

If you love caramel apple lollipops, and green apple Jolly Ranchers, this is the milk for you. While I'm happy I tried it, the flavoring was just too intense for me, and after my little glass I actually started to feel a little sick. (Even the smell of this stuff is starting to irritate my stomach.) I wouldn't say I recommend this for everyone, it definitely isn't for me, but I could see other people enjoying this product. Out of the two, I'd stick to the slightly less artificial Pumpkin Spice, but this might be worth trying if you can share it with a few friends.
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