Friday, September 5, 2014

Monster Cereals are returning with a new look thanks to DC Comic Artists

Comic Book Makeovers for the Classic Cereal Monsters 
Halloween fan rejoice! The monster cereals we all know and love will be returning to the shelves very soon, and with some nice, new, art to boot. Although there is no news on the return of Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy, it seems like the berry and chocolate trio will be returning this year with a fresh coat of paint. 

Just like last year, Target will be releasing exclusive retro-cereal box designs, this year the designs will be similar to the ones released in 1979-1980, but normal grocery store shelves will be getting these snazzy new boxes.

Franken Berry is my fav of the whole bunch

As a fan of comics and horror movie monsters, I really love the new box art. (Especially the Count and Franken Berry. Sorry Jim Lee, the Boo Berry Box just isn't my style.)

The boxes are designed by DC Artists:

Franken Berry- Dave Johnson
Count Chocula- Terry and Rachel Dodson
Boo Berry- Jim Lee
I might have to pick up Franken Berry and the Count this year, but I'll be torn between these fresh new designs and the fun retro ones that feature a mask. Which will you be buying?

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