Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spotted on the Shelves Entries #20

Spotted at Walmart
Candy knives! Out of the two, I was most impressed by the little butcher's knives.
Here are some items I saw while I was out running errands. I'll be submitting them to The Impulsive Buy later this week.

Spotted at Wegman's
Not sure how I feel about a grape flavored tea...even if it helps children get to bed.

Spotted at Target
Now available in a shelf-stable powdered form! 2014 has been a good year for Girl Scout Cookies.

Spotted at Wawa
These are a little creepy. It's like a candy themed Human Centipede, maybe the candy knives can set them free.
 Sorry for missing today's post. I do freelance work on the side after my 9-5 graphic design job ends and my upstairs PC decided to give me an aneurism and stop functioning just when I had three hours of client work due. Gotta love technology. Everything is up and running now, so I'll be posting a real review in a few hours.

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