Friday, September 19, 2014

Sugar Free Blueberry Syrup - Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ

Sugar Free Blueberry Syrup - Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ
This syrup was originally purchased to enhance the flavor and photos of another blueberry-themed food item I'll be reviewing tomorrow, but I figured I might as well give it a little review of it's own.

The bottle is heavy and made of glass, which I prefer over plastic, and the front label features a lovely pile of blueberries, but other than that, the packaging's pretty basic. I like the glass bottle, and the gold colored plastic seal at the top is a nice touch, but the label design is way too generic. Sure, it's prettier than a no-frills product, but this packaging could still use a little TLC. (Mostly the labels.)

I tried to remove the gold shrink wrap at the top of the bottle, but it turned into a bit of a struggle. There was no perforation, and the little glass loop on the side of the bottle made it very difficult for me to get a good grip. I ended up scoring the plastic with kitchen shears to make an impromptu perf, and that worked pretty well.

Once opened, the blue berry syrup had a really mild aroma. It was refreshing, and there were some deep berry-like notes, but there was a hint of that artificial-sugar-sweetness that I'm not a fan of. I was hoping the blueberries and other natural flavors would taste strong enough to overcome the artificial sweeter-substance... didn't. This blueberry syrup was a big let down. It looks like it would taste like delicious, cooked down, blueberries, but it actually tastes like a thickened artificial-sugar-water with a hint of blueberries. Upon further inspection, the back label has a lovely little warning that I overlooked in the store.

No thanks, I won't be needing any of that.

So not only does this syrup taste weak and artificial, but it can also act as a laxative. Now, you have to eat a lot of this stuff to have the problem, so small doses are fine, but it doesn't even taste good enough for you to risk it.

I wouldn't recommend buying this but, being the cheapskate conservative person I am, I'm going to try and use this stuff for my next review anyway. This is one Aldi item I do not recommend buying at all. (You can make a better, healthier, syrup at home with just blueberries, honey, water, and a bit of lemon.)

Here's a little teaser photo for tomorrows post!
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