Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mini Ginger Pumpkin Ice Cream Mouthfuls - Trader Joe's: Marlton, NJ

Mini Ginger Pumpkin Ice Cream Mouthfuls - Trader Joe's: Marlton, NJ
Okay, we're going to see how many pumpkin items I can get through today. To kick things off, a pumpkin product with (possibly) the longest name ever!

The packaging and design for this item falls into that weird modern yet vintage design wormhole that only exists at Trader Joe's. It's not bad by any means, but this box just feels unfinished. Also, why are all of the Trader Joe's packages so warm-toned? Everything from the color schemes to the photos are warm, is that just because all of this stuff is pumpkin? Or do all Trader Joe's items use a warm color palette?

Inside the box all of the cookies are lined on in a plastic tray, similar to Oreo and other grocery store brand cookies, and they are a bit larger than "bite sized." I'd say these little "mouthfuls" are 2-3 bites max.

As soon as I opened the package, I knew this was going to be messy. There is a ton of ice cream in-between these mini cookies, and there didn't seem to be a clean way to get them out of the package. I dug in anyway, and got plenty of ice cream and cookie bits all over my fingers.

Frozen treats and desserts usually don't have much of a smell, but this has a faint ginger snap aroma. I'm not sure if this is due to the photo lights, or if the cookie is just especially spiced, but the scent was really appealing. I've heard good things about these cookies on What's Good at Trader Joe's, so I was already excited to review them before I even opened the package, and the smell was a sign that these might live up to my expectations. 

I took a bite, and the cookie is extremely soft, chewy, and heavily spiced. Normally I'm a crunchy cookie person, but this easily converted to the chewy side. These cookies were amazing! Imagine the best ginger snap you've ever had, now imagine it tiny, soft, chewy, and stuffed with pumpkin pie ice cream. The spices were bold, without being overly intense, the cookie was sweet, and the ice cream blended all of the flavors together perfectly.

In between the soft cookies was a hefty portion of pumpkin ice cream, which compared to the cookie, is no where near as spiced, so it tends to get a little lost. I tried the filling on it's own, and I have to say, this ice cream is really accurately flavored. This is definitely sweeter than a slice of pumpkin pie, but you can instantly tell what it's trying to emulate. When you eat the ice cream alone, it has a good balance of the pumpkin pie spices and it's really creamy too. I haven't had the pleasure of trying Trader Joe's pumpkin ice cream before, but if this is what it tastes like, I'll have to add it to my pumpkin wishlist for next year.

When combined, the ginger snap cookie overpowers a lot of the pumpkin flavoring, but to be honest, I don't mind! This ginger heavy spice blend is really refreshing, and I love this mini portion size. Sure, these are a bit messy, but who cares? (Who am I trying to impress?) These might not be for everybody, but if you enjoy gingersnaps and ice cream sandwiches, you won't regret this purchase.

On a Pumpkin Scale of 1-5 (5 being the most pumpkin-y) I’d give this a 3. Just because this is more gingersnap than pumpkin pie, but on an overall flavor scale this is a 5! Trader Joe's is on a roll! Although these are more-so on the spiced side than the pumpkin-y side, and they're a bit ginger heavy, these things are AMAZING. I'm not one to post obnoxiously in all caps, but these are really good. If you love ginger snaps and pumpkin pie, you HAVE to try these.   
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