Saturday, November 29, 2014

Pumpkin-y Pumpkin Bites - Trader Joe's: Marlton, NJ

Pumpkin-y Pumpkin Bites - Trader Joe's: Marlton, NJ
Sorry for the sporadic updates, I'm trying to get myself together and get these posts back on track, but it hasn't been easy. Sadly, pumpkin reviews might end up bleeding December at this rate, unless I go crazy posting tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

For now, I was able to grab another container of these delicious pumpkin-y pumpkin bites to review. I posted these over on instagram a while ago, and they were eaten before I ever got the chance to review them. I thought I'd never be able to get another container in time, but I did! So let's get right into this review!

As you can see, the packaging is made of clear plastic, and the only design elements I can critique are on the wrap around sticker label. This is one of those rare Trader Joe's items that breaks out of the faux vintage aesthetic that they always use. (Like the box of Pumpkin Granola I reviewed last year. It's vintage-y with with some modern elements, it's as if it's stuck in between eras in some kind of hipster design limbo.) With that being said, I like the design for this sticker a lot! There are tiny bits of detail, like the imperfect scalloped edge, and hints of texture that I find really interesting. I wouldn't say this is the best layout and design I have ever seen in a Trader Joe's product, but I do like it a lot. (Then again I am a sucker for faux texturing.)

Inside the container are several small bars. At a glance, they look like blondies (a vanilla version of brownies), but they smell sweet and spicy like pumpkin bread.

I really like the portion sizing for each bar, they are maybe 2-3 bites at the most, which is pretty convenient, and each little square has a small amount of streusel-like topping.

Now, I have already eaten an entire package of these things (not entirely alone, but I did eat a good deal of them), so this isn't my first time trying them. I knew what to expect. These little bars are soft, dense, slightly chewy, and filled with a delicious amount of pumpkin and the pumpkin pie spices. If you were able to take a moist and chewy blondie and mix it up with pumpkin bread, you'd get this.These little bites are really addicting, and they were great alongside a hot cup of coffee or tea. I loved these so much I bought a second package, and as I am typing this, only two remain. So yeah, these are good.

Trader Joe's offers these bite-sized bars in a few other flavors, and if they are anything like this one, I'm going to have to review them all!

On a Pumpkin Scale of 1-5 (5 being the most pumpkin-y) I’d give this a 5! These little blondie-pumpkin hybrids are delicious and perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. They have some really nice pumpkin flavoring, and nice blend of the fall spices. 
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