Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Pumpkin Pie Toaster Strudel - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
Welp, it looks like I'll be writing pumpkin related reviews all this week! After going through my to-be-reviewed pile, it's safe to say, I went overboard on the pumpkin this year. Originally I wasn't going to review this limited edition flavor, since I was so disappointed by the Snickerdoodle Toaster Strudel, but I saw this item reviewed over on Junk Food Guy's blog, and after reading his post, I HAD to try them for myself.

I'm going to skip over the packaging, since I already discussed it in my last Toaster Strudel post, and I'm going to get right down to the eating portion of this review.

Once toasted, the pastries had the same slightly buttery dough-aroma as any other flavor of strudel, but this time there was a mild hint of the pumpkin pie spices. (But I had to bring it pretty close to my face to smell them.) I tore my little icing packet open and drizzled it on top the pastry. Look how gorgeous it turned out! (Not pictured, the abomination strudel where the icing packet tore in half and got everywhere. Is it just me, or do those packets tear way too easily? Just separating them from one another I tore one completely in half and made a mess.)

Visually, this looks no different from any other flavor of Pillsbury Taster Strudel on the market. It's appealing, but if you lined this up with a bunch of different flavors, you'd have to smell them up close and personal-like to figure out which is which. I think that the company missed an opportunity to make the icing drizzle spiced as well, similar to those delicious Pumpkin Rolls I bought at Trader Joe's.

I took a bite, and the pastry shell was flaky and delicious like it always is, but the filling was sweet and cinnamon-y. That sounds great and all, and it was enjoyable, but where's the pumpkin? The filling mixture is sweet and spiced, I can detect a few of the other pumpkin pie related spices, but cinnamon is the most prominent. In a way, this feel like it should have been the Snickerdoodle strudel, but the presence of the other spices give this more of a general fall flair.

I stand by what Junk Food Guy wrote, this is delicious, but it definitely needs a lot more pumpkin if it wants to call itself pumpkin pie.

On a Pumpkin Scale of 1-5 (5 being the most pumpkin-y) I’d give this a 1.5. This is a yummy food item, but there just isn't enough pumpkin flavor, and the spice blend is very cinnamon heavy. (Although I did like this one better than the Snickerdoodle ones.) 
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