Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mountain Dew Lemonade Game Fuel - Gift

Mountain Dew Lemonade Game Fuel - Gift
I think I mentioned this back in my Baja Blast review, but my boyfriend loves trying new Mountain Dew flavors. Last weekend I was walking around Target and I spotted a really large Call of Duty display loaded up with the typical packages of Doritos and gamer themed Mountain Dew sodas. Apparently "Gamer Fuel" was rebranded as "Game Fuel," and along side the classic Code Red flavor there was a case of this new lemonade themed one.

Since I don't follow Mountain Dew products and flavors too closely, I wasn't sure if the flavor was truly new, and I didn't want to buy a whole case of soda cans just to review it.  I snapped a shot of the display with my phone and sent it to my boyfriend to let him know about the flavor. A few days later, he comes home with two bottles so that I can review it without committing to a case! (Which was really awesome.) So let's pop this bottle open and see what lemonade flavored Dew is all about.

The label design for this flavor is a lot darker and bolder than the Baja Blast bottle, but the drastic design change makes sense. This product is meant to appeal to Call of Duty fans and "hardcore" gamers. (Or Mountain Dew enthusiasts and food bloggers.) Even though this design is teetering on the edge of trying too hard, I will say it was nice to photograph. The black background really made the white and yellow text stand out, and yellow is a color I don't get to photograph too often.

In the bottle, the liquid is a slightly murky yellow color. Although this looks nothing like real lemonade, which tends to be a slightly milky translucent white-ish color, it doesn't look as artificially dyed as the rest of the Mountain Dew line up. (I wonder what all of these flavors look like without any dye. Imagine, a dye-less mountain dew...I wonder if it's just clear...)

Once the cap was removed, the liquid inside smelled sweet, like all all citrus themed sodas, but this specific flavor has a tartness that is reminiscent of lemonade concentrate, or lemon flavored water ice. It doesn't smell like fresh lemons at all, but it does taste like an intense lemon flavored sugar water.

My boyfriend and I each took a sip, and I think he summed it up best when he described the flavor as, "the top of a bomb pop." That is exactly what this tastes like. This tastes like the super sweet, but slightly tart and tangy, white portion of a bomb pop. It's lemony, without being terribly realistic, sweet, and a little bit tart. Does this taste like actual lemonade? No. This is a mountain Dew product, no way was this going to taste like fresh squeezed lemonade. However, the sweet nostalgic lemon water ice flavoring was really enjoyable, and it made me want the frozen treat even though it actually snowed a little bit here in Jersey just the other day. (Nothing stuck, thank goodness.)

With that being said, I enjoyed this a lot. It's super sweet, so this is not a drink you should consume very often, but if you like lemonade flavored frozen treats, this is definitely worth trying. It's like a little taste a summer right before winter begins and I bet it would make a great mixer for some alcoholic drinks.
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