Monday, January 12, 2015

Caramel Wafers - Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ

Caramel Wafers - Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ
This was an item I saw at Aldi multiple times, and I don't really know what finally made me toss it into my cart, but I'm really happy I did.

The packaging is really simple, it's a clear plastic bag with some printing and a twist-tie closure. It's functional, and works well, but it's not too appealing, and it's a bit hard to read with all the folds and pleats in the plastic. It's nothing you'd toss into a gift basket, but it does a good job of keeping the product fresh.

Inside, you'll find several thin wafers piled up into a neat little stack. These wafers aren't as thin as the one you see in those rectangular wafer cookies, the kind that are super cheap and available at every grocery store, but they're still way thinner than any kind of cookie or biscuit. This little dessert smells sweet, like burnt sugar, and it has a lovely waffle pattern.

I originally thought the wafers were going to be crunchy and hard, like brittle, but they're actually soft and chewy! When I took a bite, the wafer gave-way easily, but the caramel was nice and chewy. This isn't the hard, rip-your-teeth-out kind of caramel, it's more like a soft baking caramel. As far as taste, the flavoring is very caramel-heavy, which is to be expected, but the wafer is lightly sweetened, and it adds a hint of vanilla and a really nice texture. Now it might not seem like you get all that many wafers in this package, but each one is pretty large, and the flavors are rich and buttery. Although the package isn't that impressive, the product itself is very enjoyable, and I could see these going very nicely with a cup of black tea.

If you're looking for something sweet to nibble on with your tea and coffee, and you love caramel, I think you'd really enjoy this. I really liked these wafers, they were sweet and surprisingly decadent for an Aldi product, but I don't think I can eat an entire package for myself. I might have to host a little tea party and put the rest out, otherwise I'll be nursing this bag forever. It's a delicious product, it's just baklava-level rich.
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  1. Stroopwafel! You can get those on every street corner in Belgium and Holland. Ohhh soo good! Nice review.

  2. These are great warmed over coffee - just put the wafel on top of your full coffee cup (or other hot beverage) and try to wait long enough to let the caramel inside get warm =]

    1. That sounds wonderful! I have two left, I'll have to give your method a try.

  3. They are D E L I C I O u S!When I revisited the New Aldi store in Port St Lucie, FL they were gone - guess others liked them too. Hope you'll get more in....

  4. Just pick these up last week at Aldi & I googled them & this blog comes up 1st! My niece has good taste!!! Love ya & miss ya!!