Sunday, January 11, 2015

Project 7 Sugar Free Birthday Cake Gum - JoAnn Fabrics: Cherry Hill, NJ

Project 7 Sugar Free Birthday Cake Gum - JoAnn Fabrics: Cherry Hill, NJ
Birthday cake flavored gum? And it's not from the Dessert Delight's line? What madness is this?

I had been on the lookout for Project 7's products after seeing a few fellow foodie bloggers review a few of their items, and I finally found them in my area, at the crafty store of all places! I already reviewed the vanilla peppermints from this line, and I liked those quite a bit. They've been in my purse ever since and everyone I've shared them with has enjoyed them as well. Since the mints were such a hit, I decided to give this gum a try, even though I still feel like "Birthday Cake" is a subjective flavor. Come on! There is no one-way to make a birthday cake! It could be any flavor of cake and any flavor of icing, then again, I guess "vanilla cake and icing" doesn't have the same allure as "birthday cake."

Oh well, on to the review!

The packaging has the same layout and format as the one used for the mints, only instead of being a beautiful metallic silver, this package is a bright white with pink accents. Since this product is so crisp and clean, while still being playful, I strayed from my usual black and white backgrounds and used this more festive one. (That I typically use for Etsy photo-shoots.) There isn't really anything different about this package, other than the color scheme and the food-related image, so there's not much to talk about. I like this one just as much as the previous package.

Inside, there are several rectangle-shaped pieces of gum. Each piece has a thin and crunchy panned coating, similar to Chiclets and other chewing gums, and they smell sweet and slightly minty. The mint aroma isn't really minty, it's more mentholated, and there is a hint of artificial butter. It makes me wonder if this will really end up tasting like cake at all.

I took a bite of a piece to start, and it was very vanilla heavy, but more on the artificial end than the real deal, and there was a hint of butter, but it tasted more like that yellow liquid put on popcorn at the movie theater than real melted butter. I kept chewing, and I have to say, this does not taste like birthday cake to me. Not at all. It isn't disgusting, or bad, it's just a buttery vanilla chewing gum with a hint of that artificial sweetener that makes your mouth feel like it's getting cleaner, when it really isn't.

Actually, this really reminds me of the flavoring in those chalky little butter mints you can get at more restaurants and hotels. I used to eat them my the handful as a kid, and the more I chew, the more this flavoring reminds me of them. It's sweet, slightly minty, and very vanilla-heavy with a hint of artificial butter. If I think about it that way, I actually like this a lot more.

This gum has beautiful, and well thought out packaging, but this flavor might not appeal to everyone. It in no way tasted like a slice of cake, but if you enjoy after dinner mints (aka butter mints), this is a pretty interesting product. I won't be buying this flavor again, but I'd still like to try other flavors made by this brand, and I still recommend the vanilla peppermints.
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