Sunday, January 11, 2015

Holiday Mix Skittles - DollarTree: Cherry Hill, NJ

Holiday Mix Skittles - DollarTree: Cherry Hill, NJ
We all know by now that I'm a bit of a Scrooge about the winter holidays, so I didn't buy very many holiday themed foods or candies, but this odd little item caught my eye. It's a mix of Skittles that are only red and green, and the flavors in this mix are a

The packaging for this item is a movie theater-style box with a clear plastic bag of Skittles inside. As far as it's design, this is very similar to the original, red, package of skittles, but all of the skittles have been changed to red and green, there's a subtle winter pattern in the background, and they slapped a little elf on the package. It's not as obnoxious, or in-your-face, as other holiday themed sweets, which I really appreciate, and my only complaint, other than the slightly creepy elf, is that it looks as if the skittles inside are each different in color.

Even the color-guide on the side of the box makes these skittles looks as if you'd get two variations of green, two of red, and one brighter green. Unless I've suddenly gone color blind, this is not what you're actually getting inside this box.

Look at these Skittles, do you see two different reds? Greens? (Other than the brighter lemon-y green of course.) My first thought was that this was a defective product, and it didn't contain every flavor listed. I mean, I did buy it at Dollar General. They sometimes gets "Opps" products from name brands, so I tried a few of the candies to see if I could taste a difference. After a short streak of the normal strawberry-red Skittle, I did taste one that was obviously cherry. So the flavors are all here, they just look the same! Skittle-boozled! (Although this time there are no gross outcomes. Everything's win-win.)

Strawberry: Sweet and floral, nothing new here, this tastes the same as it always has.

Wild Cherry: Artificial and generic, similar to a cherry Luden's cough drop. Nothing "wild" about it. (I bet Cybele would hate these, even I'm not so keen on them and I like cherry.)

Grape: These were so hard to find, almost every green Skittle I ate was apple, I finally found one after a long sting of apples, and it was only slightly different. It has a slight white-grape-juice flavoring to it, but it's really not all that different from the apple skittles themselves. It's not as bold and grape-y as the normal purple Skittles. Why not just add lime? It's already green and you already make it!

Apple: Least favorite for me, but I ate this obsession with artificial green apple candy companies have been going through. It tastes the same as the green apple Skittle in the Original mix, and I still resent it for not being lime.

Lemon: The only flavor that looks different so I know what I'm getting! Sweet, a little zesty, and slightly tangy. It's the same as the melon in the Original package, just a slightly greener color. I like it in this mix, and it mixed well with the other flavors.

This mix was just so...odd. The colors are exactly the same, why not market it that way? Say that it's a Holiday Surprise mix or something. Other than the color change, this is very similar to the original mix, we have strawberry, lemon, grape, and green apple, only orange is truly replaced with a cherry flavor, and I didn't really feel like that was an improvement.

If you see this around and you love Skittles, it'd worth trying, and it looks festive in a candy dish, but I wouldn't buy these again.
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  1. My idea for a flavor mix:
    1. Buy 3 bags of skittles (Original, wild berry, orchards)
    2. Pick out all the greens in the original
    3. Put the limes from the orchards in the original
    4. Put the green apple in orchards
    5. Pick out all the blues from the wild berry and add them to the original