Thursday, January 1, 2015

Trader Joe-Joe's (Candy Cane) - Trader Joe's: Marlton, NJ

Trader Joe-Joe's (Candy Cane ) - Trader Joe's: Marlton, NJ
Happy New Year everyone! So a wrench was kind of thrown into the works last night, and I didn't get to be at my PC like I originally planned. I already had all the photos edited and ready to go, so I"ll be posting a few reviews today, and I'll be posting some new items in my etsy shop. Although I don't really make New Year's resolutions, I am trying to kick off 2015 by being super productive, so let's get this review started!

This time the cookie has been coated in a layer of dark chocolate, which is my favorite kind of chocolate, and hopefully that means this cookie will be a lot less sweet. (The white chocolate-based Ginger cookie from the other day was just too sugary and intense for me. Although the biscuit itself seemed spicy and delicious!)

The coating:
The chocolate coating is thick, slightly sweet, and it has a bit of peppermint flavoring on it's own, although the packaging states that the cookie is just covered in normal dark chocolate, not flavored. It's a mild peppermint, similar to actual candy canes or Andes mints, but it's really pleasant and I like it a lot. Plus, the little bits of candy cane added some really great texturing. (I'm guessing the mint-iness just transferred to the chocolate from the candy cane bits over time, and that the chocolate itself doesn't have any added mint flavoring.)

The filling:
Seems to be similar to the creme in the ginger cookie, it's white and vanilla based, but it had little red flecks of candy cane in it. It's sweet, and very slightly minty, but I don't feel like the filling adds anything to the overall flavoring or texture of the cookie. To me, it's just added unnecessary sweetness to an already decadent treat.

The cookie: These cookies are so light and crispy! Do they sell these Joe-Joe's without the fillings and toppings? Like just the wafer/biscuit? If so, I have to buy some. I'm a crispy cookie lover (as opposed to those of you dense chewy cookie people) and these are absolutely perfect for me! These are light, crispy, and it's not overly sweet. These taste similar to the cookie portion of an Oreo, it has a mild, and slightly bitter, cocoa powder flavoring, but it's a bit lighter and crispier. (More like a wafer-syle cookie.)

Combined? Delicious! Although I feel like the filling is totally unnecessary, the combination of the light and crispy cocoa cookie, the slightly bitter dark chocolate, and the crunchy candy cane bits is absolutely wonderful!

With milk, I still get a similar textural experience, where the cookie gets soggy quickly while the rest of the cookie elements stay (texturally) the same, but I like the candy cane and dark chocolate combination with milk a lot more than the ginger cookie.

I really loved this cookie, but I preferred to split it apart and eat the chocolate coated biscuit separate from the creme. (Oreo-style.) This way I could eliminate the creme, and just eat the two chocolate-coated-cookie-portions dipped in milk. If these were sold as a normal biscuits coated in chocolate and candy cane bits, I'd by them every year! I'm just not a fan of the extra sweetness that comes from that generically vanilla filling. If you're a decadent cookie lover, and you enjoy Mega-stuff'd Oreo's, you might love this cookie as-is, but I think it's overkill. So far, these are my favorite of the Holiday Joe-Joe's, but I still have two more flavors to go!
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