Thursday, March 12, 2015

Apple Sidra: The Unofficial Beverage of Steven Universe?

Apple Sidra - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ
Back in 2013, when Sometimes Foodie was a tumblr exclusive blog, I reviewed this beverage, it was really yummy and refreshing, but I hadn't thought about it much since. Then I started watching Steven Universe, and it was popping up everywhere! Okay, maybe not every where, but it was in at least three episodes.

Screenshot from Lion 2: The Movie

Can we talk about Steven Universe? This show is adorable, deceptively complex, and it's absolutely amazing! Plus it has some really cute foodie references. Not only was there Apple Sidra, but those cheese balls look a lot like the ones sold by Utz-brand snack foods, and there are mentions of durian juice boxes, cookie cat ice cream sandwiches, and Steven has a handy dandy Cheeseburger backpack!

Screenshot from Rose's Scabbard
Since this week is really important for the progression of the story in the show, I celebrated with some Steve-esque snacks of my own.  

Have any of you seen this show? I know it's a cartoon, and it might seem silly to some of you more serious people out there, but this reminds me of Jim Henson's Dinosaurs. The imagery looks like it would be something for children, and it has it's silly moments, but the content occasionally gets pretty deep and dark. If you liked the gut-wrenching Ice King and Marcie episodes of Adventure Time, you'll love this. Plus, it has tons of fun foodie things! The staff and crew celebrate the release of each episode with a unique food on their blog.

Okay, I'll stop being a nerd and I'll get back to writing up tonight's review, but seriously, give this show a chance. It's adorable and foody, what's not to love? (Also it may or may not make me cry like a child.)
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