Saturday, March 28, 2015

Limited Edition Yoplait Chocolate Mint Yogurt- Target: Cherry Hill, NJ (Quickie Review)

Limited Edition Yoplait Chocolate Mint Yogurt- Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
It's been a long week, and I thought something like this would be a yummy but healthy treat that might satisfy my mint chocolate chip ice cream craving. How wrong I was...

I've already discussed this kind of packaging in other posts, and since there's nothing new for me to talk about, I'm going to get right into the review.

Once opened, the yogurt looks just like chocolate pudding, richly colored, opaque, and creamy, but it smells...not right. This is yogurt, so there's this tanginess to the scent that makes me think of spoiled chocolate milk, and the mint is...weird. I don't really know how to begin to describe this minty aroma. I want to say it smells like an organic soap version of mint chocolate chip, kind of like this brand you can buy at Whole Foods, but those soaps smell more appetizing than this yogurt.

The best way I can describe this aroma is this: Did any of you get fluoride treatments at the dentist when you were little? I remember that they used to take a mouth-guard-like tray, fill it with thick flavored fluoride paste, and you'd have to sit there with that stuff in your mouth for a few minutes. The pastes were always really gross because they tried to emulate candies and sweets to "make the experience better" when really, their attempts at candy flavoring always made the experience that much worse for my sister and I. Please stop trying to make medicines and treatments taste like candy. They don't. They never do. THAT is what this smells like. Some kind of mint chocolate chip version of that gross fluoride paste.

I reluctantly scooped a spoonful into my mouth, and it tasted so bad I was worried that the yogurt had expired. I checked the date, and it says it expires in April, so it shouldn't be spoiled, but this does not taste like anything I should be eating. It almost feels like I"m eating some kind of bath and body product. Is this secretly a mint chocolate scented lotion?

I can't detect much of the chocolate flavoring at all, and the weird mint flavoring tastes just like it smells. Surprisingly, this stuff is very sweet, I guess it's all the sucralose, but it's just awful. I had two other people try the yogurt to make sure I wasn't going crazy, and both people hated it even more than I did. I was worried I got a bad batch, but I found this Youtube review, and this guy agrees, this is NOT good. He says it tastes a bit like Yoo-hoo, which I could see since the chocolate flavoring is fairly weak, but I don't think any Yoo-hoo fans would enjoy this. I grew up loving the stuff, and I still drink it from time to time, and that is leaps and bounds better than this nightmare of a yogurt.

This is nearly inedible for me, and even though I absolutely hate wasting food and money, I can't bring myself to eat the rest of this stuff. It's that awful. Don't buy this. Don't waste your time or money.
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