Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Candyology101 Episode 12: The Sweet & The Tart

Basically, this show is about the various candies are that made by compressing sugary flavored powders into various tablets and shapes. For a while Cybele and I struggled over what this unique family of candies were even called, I mean, "compressed dextrose" just sounds so...not fun, but that's what they are. (I found myself referring to nearly everything as Sweettarts, but that's a brand, not an overall concept.) 

It might sound like an oddly specific category, but there's so much to talk about! Bottle Caps, candy necklaces, Runts, Cry Baby Tears, Spree, Sweettarts, Asian sweets like Kabaya's Ju-C tablets, and much more! Tune in to find out which candies have been reformulated, discontinued, if we prefer compressed tablets with or without a sugary shell, and, as always, what new items are headed your way in our Trick or Treat section.

Tune in and let us know, what's your favorite compressed dextrose candy?

(Click the Candyology link to see all the different items we talk about in this podcast and find out where you can buy it!)
Meet the cast:

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