Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pringles Wasabi & Soy Sauce - Walmart

Pringles Wasabi & Soy Sauce - Walmart
Woo, the long weekend is (sadly) over and it's back to the daily grind. I have a quick snack review to get myself back into the swing of things, so here we go!

All Pringles are packaged in tall foil-lined cardboard tubes, and even though the flavors vary, the packaging never changes. Since the tube-container is so iconic I can't really blame the company for it's lack of variety, but I wish they'd change up the design a bit. Having such a uniquely shaped product opens the door for a lot of designs that other products could never pull off, and Pringles isn't using this design-space to it's full potential. If the flavor image for this wasabi & soy sauce version were covered up, it would look exactly like sour cream & onion. They could have made the can look like a bottle of soy sauce, or a roll of sushi, or really anything but this. It's so visually boring. (Although I love the bright green color.) Hopefully the flavoring itself isn't as boring as it looks. 

I opened up the can, and there were the usual broken chip casualties at the top of the container, but from what I could see the chips had a uneven coating of bright green flavor-dust.

The green powder is on both sides of the chip, although one side is always more heavily seasoned than the other, and it's always unevenly distributed. You might get a chip with a ton of green coating, or you might get one with a light dusting. This is pretty typical. All of the Pringles I've reviewed for this blog have always been really unevenly seasoned/flavored. Admittedly, even though it's uneven, I'm impressed by the bright green coloring this time around.

For last year's Do Us A Flavor contest, Lays announced that the winner was Wasabi Ginger. Out of last years finalists, the wasabi ginger were my favorite, but it lacked the strong wasabi-kick I was looking for. Maybe this version by Pringles will back more of a sinus-punch.

I took a bite, and these aren't as intensely wasabi as I had hoped, but it is slightly stronger than the Lay's version, and the soy sauce adds a nice umami quality to the chips. Out of all the Pringles I've had over the years, these are my hands-down my favorite. (But to be fair I've only reviewed the dessert Pringles, and all of those were awful.) They are a little horseradish-y/wasabi-y, with a nice dose of soy sauce, and the classic light and crispy Pringles texture. Personally I prefer the thicker kettle-chip texture of the Lay's wasabi ginger, but I like the wasabi-intensity of these Pringles a lot more. I really enjoyed these and I'm actually sad that I'm nearing the bottom of the can. I'm really hoping this exclusive flavor is permanent because I'll be very sad to see this go.
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