Saturday, July 18, 2015

Chimes Ginger Chews - Peppermint, Peanut Butter & Orange

Chimes Ginger Chews - Summer Fancy Food Show Samples
I bought that bag of Chimes classic ginger chews well before the Fancy Food Show, because I loved the packaging. So when I saw them at the Fancy Food Show, I had to stop by and tell them how much I loved their designs.

While I was at their table I grabbed a few samples of their other flavors to try, so here's a handy, dandy, little sampler review!

Peanut Butter: Much softer in texture than the original ginger, and there are little gritty peanut butter bits sprinkled throughout. At first the chew starts out tasting like a smooth and bouncy version of a classic Peanut chew, but as it dissolves you get more and more of the spicy ginger flavoring, and the two flavors combined are actually really refreshing! I normally hate peanut chews, but I actually like this. It's kind of like spicy Thai food, but a candy. It sounds weird, and that wasn't a great description, but it works. Trust me.

Peppermint: This one starts out soft and minty, like a Starlight peppermint, but after a few chews the ginger spiciness kicks in and it become a whole new candy. It's like spicy ginger mixed with peppermint salt water taffy. It's more medicinal tasting than the others, but I still like this quite a bit. I could see it being a great candy to clear your sinuses when you have a cold, and the spiciness will warm you right up.

Orange: This one is a bit stiffer and more like the original in texture. The orange flavoring is more like a generic orange lollipop you'd get at the bank, or a doctor's office, than fresh squeezed juice, but it's still pleasant. I think, out of the three, this was actually my least favorite, because the zestiness and spiciness is really intense, which makes this less snack-able, but one piece every now an again wouldn't be bad. This is pretty much the same as the original, but with some orange flavoring. It's good, but not great.   
I used to hate ginger, so I'm really surprised that I like these candies as much as I do. I see myself buying full sized bags of the peanut butter and the peppermint in the near future, but the orange just wasn't for me. If you're trying to get yourself to like ginger, like I am, I suggest trying with the peanut butter version. It's a bit milder, and the peanut flavoring works really well with the spiciness.
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  1. OMG Peanutbutter and Ginger? Would've never imagined that such a combination will ever exist and moreover work well together ^^

    Reading this gingery article i'mpretty sure you'll go crazy for the lemon-ginger haribos cybele once mentioned in your haribo andyologie episode: