Saturday, July 4, 2015

Red White & Berry Pop Tarts - Target: Marlton, NJ

Red White & Berry Pop Tarts - Target: Marlton, NJ
It's Independence day here in America, so that means backyard BBQs, fireworks, and a whole lot of red, white, and blue themed foods. Normally I'm not a huge fan of novelty food products like this, where it's a normal every day item with a seasonal color switch up, but I bought these thinking they'd be fun to photograph and post for the holiday. Hopefully the real pastries inside are as cute as their box-art counterparts.

The packaging is festive and very American. We have the colors of our flag, an allusion to fireworks, some strawberries, and a white picket fence in the background. It couldn't get more American than that. (Unless we tossed a bald eagle on there somewhere...but wait, what's that watermark I see on the white fence? IT'S A FREAKING EAGLE. They did it. I think Pop-Tarts made the more American packaging ever.)
 So the packaging is pretty cute, and it manages to be patriotic and super American without being obnoxious, but are the Pop-Tarts inside as cute as the box art promised?

I peeled open my wrapper and...

No, No they are not. They're kind of a mess actually. These tiny little star sprinkles (click that link for a nostalgia BOMB from my childhood) aren't distributed properly. We either have way too many that are too close together, or way too few. They aren't embedded into the icing all that well, and they tend to flake off and get all over the place. They're cute, but they aren't as nice as the images shown on the box.

As for the icing, it's a bit of a mess too. It's a darker, almost denim-blue, and it's very unforgiving. So it's on the edges, droplets here, droplets there...I like the color, but the overall presentation of this pastry is messy and no where near as polished as the image promised.

I took a bite, and yup, this is a typical strawberry Pop-Tart alright. The icing might be a bit thicker than normal, making this taste a bit sweeter, but really, it's the same year-round product, it's just wearing a new outfit. I like strawberry, so this flavoring is pretty okay for me, but it's nothing new and interesting. If you're super into having holiday themed foods that match your theme and decor, this could be the product for you. As for the rest of the foodie population, unless this goes on sale cheap, or you just really like blue, I'd stick to the normal year-round version.

I hope those of you who are American have a lovely holiday, and the rest of you have a lovely weekend!
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