Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bolthouse Farms Stone Fruit Smoothie - Aldi

Bolthouse Farms Stone Fruit Smoothie - Aldi
Everything in my life has been non-stop for the last two weeks, I worked, drove to Baltimore, worked almost 30 hours that weekend selling my art, drove back from Baltimore, unpacked, went right back to day job...etc. So yesterday, I was finally able to come home from my day job and get some much needed rest. How did I celebrate? I cooked an entire package of bacon, and ate 75% of it all by myself.

Not my proudest moment (who am I kidding, I'm totally proud of it), but when I woke up this morning I needed to ingest something that wasn't bacon. I figured, what's better to de-bacon-ify myself with than a healthy fruit smoothie?

The Aldi gods smiled upon me, because they had three different flavors in stock, and two of them were combinations I had never tried before. Since chia is super popular right now, I thought I'd start with this one to de-toxify myself, since I feel like I'm now one-with-the-bacon. (Still, I regret nothing!) 

The packaging for Bolthouse Farms is the same as it always has been, and the only real difference between this flavor and the one's I've reviewed in the past are the fruits depicted on the front of the bottle, so I'll skip the review and get right to the smoothie itself.

Although this flavor has finely ground chia seeds mixed into it, the pouring consistency seems to be the same as their non-chia-infused smoothies. It's not overly thick, there are no visible chunks or seeds, and the overall coloring is kind of a cantaloupe-orange color.

The scent is pretty similar to apricot flavored apple sauce. At first that might not make sense, since apples are no where to be found on that panel listing the amounts of fruit inside, but it's actually the third ingredient on the list. That means there is quite a bit of apple in this stuff. There's more apple than peach, plumb or banana, but apple is the go-to filler fruit for beverages like this, so that isn't very surprising. Still, I'm a little annoyed they didn't have apples on their fruit listing, I feel like they are making this juice feel more fancy and exotic than it really it.

I took a sip, and the consistency is a bit pulpier than other Bolthouse smoothies, which must be the chia, but it's not overwhelming or off putting. As for the overall taste, it's pretty apple-heavy, but you still get the creaminess of the banana and a deeper hint of the stone fruits like apricot, nectarine and plumb. The stone fruits (which are fruits with a big ol' pit in the center, hence the "stone" name), add a slight tartness to the drink, which helps balance the sweetness from the apple and the banana, and overall, it's really refreshing and filling.

After drinking 3 glasses of this stuff for breakfast, I feel a lot less...bacon-y. Don't get me wrong, I freaking love bacon (and still regret nothing), but I felt like I had bacon coming out of my pores. Which sounds a lot more awesome than it felt. If you're looking for a fruit smoothie that has a slightly richer flavoring, and a hint of plumb and nectarine, then this is the smoothie for you. It's just different enough to stand on it's own, and even though this one isn't my favorite, I can see myself buying it again when I want something tangier and richer than my go-to strawberry banana.
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  1. isn't that sooo snapple passionate peach? xD

    I once had a snapple passionate peach in my hands (here in germany), was looking at the ingredients and had to discover that there actually was no peach inside... instead just apple and some flavors or so... xD