Sunday, August 2, 2015

Do Us A Flavor 2015 - YOUTUBE REVIEW

Did you try this year's flavors? Who are you rooting for?


  1. There it is! The

    First of all: You look gorgeous Maria! :)

    Secondly: Sounds like i don't miss anything here again. I had high hopes for the Gyro ('cause i like gyro and with the Döner you can get it almost everywhere here in germany) and of course for my absolute favorite breakfast treat Biscuits and gravy, but it seems trying to transfer the taste and feeling of those two into amazing potato chips isn't really possible, at least not for lays.
    (btw, does lays lack something to make good flavors? I mean somehow the last "do us a flavor" round wasn't that good either...)

    Either way i would like to try the reuben chips, but i don't thing i would buy them just for doing that...

    Thanks for the amazin review again Maria! :)
    Looking forward to your next review ^^

  2. You should connect with my friend, Glenn Walker, who does "French Fry Diary" at and is also from the greater Cherry Hill, NJ area.