Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cupcake Cotton Candy - Five Below (Quickie Review)

Cupcake Cotton Candy - Five Below
Welp, if my sleep schedule wasn't messed up enough before...it certainly is now.

I came home from work, made dinner, took my dog for a walk, and fell asleep for almost 5 hours. Now it's 3 in the morning and here I am writing a cotton candy review. I've got something fun and slightly horrible ready to go for tomorrow, but for now, this is going to be a quickie review. (So I can get my butt back to bed before I hate myself too much in the morning.)

I've reviewed quite a few prepackaged cotton candy flavors, and even though it's not as delicious as fresh spun, they have the ability to do limited edition and seasonal flavors.  Which is something you don't get with traditional cotton candy at the carnival, boardwalk, or fair.

Sometimes Fun Sweets does an amazing job with it's designs and packaging, but this particular package is really "meh" looking. I feel like this was a huge missed opportunity to make the entire tub look like a cupcake wrapper. Instead, we have a simple clip-art-y illustration of a cupcake, some text, and a big ol' logo. Not terrible, but no where near as fun as it could have been. (Although I do love these plastic tubs, I wash them out and use them to organize craft supplies, so there's always that.)

The cake trend is still going strong, and even though I am a hater (do people even say that anymore?), I couldn't resist this product. I was just too curious. Is it just vanilla flavored? Is it some kind of Funfetti-flavored cotton candy? What makes this cupcake?

I opened up the tub, and the aroma was no different from any other prepackaged cotton candy. It's sweet, by artificial and processed, but that's about it. Maybe it tastes like cupcakes?

I grabbed a tuft of candy and popped it into my mouth, and this was a HUGE waste of time. Cupcake flavored? Not at all! This was slightly more vanilla flavored than other pre-packaged cotton candies you can buy at the grocery store, but it was nothing I would ever consider to be "cupcake." If I had been blind folded while eating this I easily would have mistaken this for any other grocery store brand of cotton candy, like Fluffy Stuff, and I never would have thought it has any "special" flavoring at all.

Normally Fun Sweets has fun with their flavors and packaging, and even though it's a novelty product, their older flavors have been pretty great. This? It was a total miss for me. It's not gross, or bad, it's just doesn't live up to it's "cupcake" theme.

If you're looking for something new and cake-like, this just isn't it. However, if you like cheap processed candy and you've got some craft supplies that need organizing, you can always grab a tun of this at the Dollar Tree or Five Below. (Just don't expect any cake-like payoff.)
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