Saturday, August 22, 2015

Milkyway French Vanilla and Caramel - Walmart: Berlin, NJ

Milkyway French Vanilla and Caramel - Walmart: Berlin, NJ
I was at Walmart, buying a bunch of stuff for the next Candyology 101 recording, when this candy bar caught my eye. Is this old? Or new? I tend to find some really old products in this store, and the Shop Rite that's close by (I call them the stores time forgot), but is this truly an old product that's been sitting around for a while, or a brand new re-release? (The expiration date says 2016, so it's gotta be new. I think, how long are candy bars good for?)

Back in 2012 The Impulsive Buy spotted this bar and reviewed it, and Cybele had it in 2013, but both times the wrapper said "limited edition." This wrapper says nothing about this being new, or limited, or even a re-release. I checked the official Facebook page as well as the Mar's website, and there's no mention of this bar at all. Which is really weird.

Since the wrapper is slightly different, it has to be a re-release. There's no more "limited edition" disclaimer, so does that mean that this is a permanent flavor? If so, why isn't it mentioned anywhere? Even with all this limited or not nonsense, the wrapper is well done. I love the soft beige color and the food imagery.

Enough debating, this is candy! You're not supposed to think about it, you're supposed to eat it!

I removed the wrapper and it looks no different from your typical Milkyway bar. (Which is my favorite name-brand candy bar. I haven't found a comparable knock-off just yet.)

I took a bite...and this is definitely not the bar for me. It's super sweet, even sweeter than a normal Milkyway, and the vanilla flavoring fluctuates between vanilla bean ice cream and a vanilla scented candle. The chocolate and the caramel are the same as always, but the vanilla flavored nougat made this over the top. Normally you would think that vanilla meant bland, but in this case is was burn-my-throat sweet.

This doesn't taste bad, but it's too much for me. I don't even want to eat this bar in one sitting. (And normally I gobble down Milkyway bars like it's my job. Especially frozen ones.) Every ingredient on it's own is intensely sweet, combined, it's overwhelming. Personally, I think a dark chocolate coating would have helped a lot. If you love really intensely sweet things, this is the bar for you, but I won't be re-buying this one unless it moves over to the dark side. (Technically "midnight," but "dark side" sounds so much cooler. Right Star Wars fans?)
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  1. I already thought this is the "darker version" of a milky way ;)

    Did you ever have the Mars bar form europe, that resembles the US milk way? I'm asking 'ause the chocolate coating from the american milky way seems to be a bit darker than the one our milky way ( and our mars bar ( has and i was wondering if the chocolate is appreciable different. ^^

  2. btw since i somehow had trouble with all accounts and wordpress and google, it's me xdestitutex (aka Heinrich Wendt from faebook)... not sure you got the change in names ^^

  3. I spot this randomly as well. It seems like only select stores sell it, but it's more or less a permanent offering. Have you tried the Milky Way Marshmallow one yet? It's been a while since I had the French vanilla, but I remember having a similar opinion to your review. I think the marshmallow one is a bit better!

  4. My daughter had one in Texas and LOOOVED them. I can not find them anywhere? I would even be good with a recipe?