Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream Pebbles - Target: Marlton, NJ

Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream Pebbles - Target: Marlton, NJ
Sherbet flavored Fruity Pebbles. That sounds awesome, right? It totally does, but I have a little bone to pick with it.
Rainbow Sherbet is NOT an ice cream flavor. If you want to get technical about it, yes, sherbet does have a tiny amount of diary in it (unlike sorbet which has no diary in it what-so-ever), but that doesn't make it "ice cream." Don't get me wrong, I love sherbet, but in my mind it isn't comparable to ice cream. I imagine it in a league of it's own.

It might be a bit of a misnomer, but I love the idea behind this cereal. (Although I'm a little worried it'll just taste like normal Fruity Pebbles, and that this is just a color-swap and re-brand of the product we already know and love.) Still, I have high hopes for this one. The packaging is bright and colorful, similar to the Cupcake Pebbles I reviewed several years ago, and I absolutely love it.

In Typical Pebbles cereal fashion, we have Bam-Bam smashing the cereal bowl with a giant scoop of sherbet and...wait. Where's Pebbles? I mean, this is Fruity PEBBLES after all, shouldn't she be on here? Also the back panel of the box is totally unrelated to the Flintstones, and it's drawn in a different art style. I feel like that's really weird and out of place, but I don't know if children even know who the Flintstones are anymore. (Do any of you have young kids? Let me know if they do. I totally missed my opportunity to poll the kids at the daycare.) Maybe Pebbles cereal is becoming more of a food product than it is a commercial tie-in with a TV show. Anyway, enough rambling about sherbet's ice cream legitimacy and the Flintstones relevancy, let's open this box up!

As soon as I opened the plastic bag I could smell the familiar citrus-heavy blend of rainbow sherbet. There's hints of orange, lime and raspberry mixed with a subtle creaminess. This is amazing! I wish I could bottle this and wear it as a perfume or lotion. (Then again all of my perfumes are candy or food themed, so that's nothing new.) This stuff just smells so freaking delicious! If it tastes even half as good as it smells I'll consider this well worth the buy.

For starters I tried some of it straight from the box (dry), since I feel like milk always ruins the flavor of the Pebbles brand cereals. As-is, it doesn't taste as intense as it smells, but the flavoring is pretty darn sherbet-like. It's bright, citrus-y, a little creamy, and there's even a hint of raspberry. It's slightly more intense than normal Fruity Pebbles, and if I were eating this blindfolded, there's a good chance that I would guess that this was rainbow sherbet flavored. It's pretty good, although I did notice that it leaves a citric acid tanginess on the sides of my tongue. It's not terribly noticeable or unpleasant, but I figured it was worth noting. Now, how does it hold up to milk?

I added milk and, as usual, that makes the flavor a lot weaker, but it's still pretty accurate. The milk amps up the creaminess, obviously, but the fruity flavors are still present. It's not as obviously sherbet flavored this way, but it's still really enjoyable and I like it a lot!

Rainbow sherbet has been gaining popularity as a flavoring for other products. Two years ago we had these limited edition Oreos, and the year before that there was a Dessert Delights gum. Out of these three sherbet flavored products, I think this is my number one! I'd definitely buy another box, but I won't be eating it as a breakfast cereal. I think this would make amazing cereal bars, and I bet it would be a great topping for ice creams and frozen yogurt! If you're into citrus-y sweets, this stuff is pretty amazing, I'd definitely recommend it.
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  2. Sorry, I accidentally deleted the original comment while on my mobile:

    As a cereal LOVER i really have to ask you something again (sorry :()...

    I was never a fan of froot loops and i still don't like them. So Fruity Pebbles and Trix are at the end of my "cereals i have to try before i die"-list (if they even were on that list), 'cause i'm really confident, that i don't like them either. But!: I love Cocoa Krispies aka Choco Krispies (or coco pops as they were called when i was younger ^^) in Europe. Given i just discovered the fact, that Fruity pebbles are also made of puffed rice (i always thaught they are just normal cornflakes with fruit flavor) they got pretty interesting again... xD

    Do you think it's safe to say, that i don't need to try them, 'cause i never got the idea of the mixed fruit flavor cereals and never thaught they taste good or fruity?
    Or can't you compare froot loops with fruity pebbles? Are they completely different from each other and i need to try fruity pebbles, 'cause i love puffed rice cereals? ^^

    My response:
    If you're not a fan of fruit loops and fruity flavored cereals, I'd say it's in your best interest to avoid the Fruity Pebbles line. They have a similar generic fruity flavoring, and it's a bit on the tangy citrus fruit end of things. (Also, Fruit Loops are all the same flavor, just differently colored, and cereals like Trix and Fruity Pebbles are the same. All the shapes and colors have the same fruity flavoring and there is no flavor variation in the box.)

    Fruity Pebbles is similar in texture to cornflakes, but a bit softer, so they get soggy very quickly in milk, and if you're not a fan of fruity flavorings, I think you best stay away from this line.