Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Raisin & Brown Sugar Chobani Oats - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Raisin & Brown Sugar Chobani Oats - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
It didn't happen overnight, but I am slowly being converted to the Greek side. (Meaning Greek yogurt.) For the longest time Greek yogurt has been dominating the foodie world, and I still don't get it. Why is everyone so stuck on consuming massive amounts of protein? I'm not on a diet, and although I don't eat all much meat, I'm not protein deficit. So do I really need my yogurt to have protein in it?
After trying a few unique flavors that were only available as Greek yogurts, I'm starting to see the light. Admittedly, I'm not buying Greek yogurt over other types because of it's protein, I'm buying it because I'm a food blogger and all the cool new flavors that are coming out just happen to be Greek. Normal yogurts just aren't getting the cool flavors like they used to, and when they do, they've been pretty disappointing. I mean, watermelon? Plum? Those sound awesome! 

Recently Chobani has come out with some flavors with fruity mix ins and oats, which sounds pretty good. Like having yogurt and oatmeal combined, right? That sounds pretty great, so into my cart it went.
I think Chobani does a great job with their packaging and design overall, but this Oat-themed line comes across as a bit busy. The scattered oat-y pattern is too distracting, and it makes the information a little harder to read, but it is cute and I can see what they were going for. This just doesn't POP like the non-oat flavors, it's more theme-heavy and less modern. Still, I love the little spring of wheat/oats in the "O," and the colors are appealing and relate with the flavor of the actual product. So it's not a bad design, I just prefer their bright and colorful modern packaging. 

I've never had this stuff before, but I expected it to be really thick and hearty, like oatmeal, so when I peeled back the lid and saw beige-y yogurt with a few flecks of oats here and there, I felt like it was a rip off. Where are the oats? This smells like oatmeal, but it looks...sad. 
After I stirred it up a bit I found a few raisins, and there looked like there were a few more oats in the bottom, but overall, I was still really unimpressed. 

I scooped up a spoonful and put it into my mouth, and it was bland, but okay. It tastes just like you would expect a Greek yogurt with a spoonful of oats, raisins, and brown sugar would taste. It was lightly sweetened, the raisins added a fruity burst of flavor, and the oats made this feel more filling than a normal cup of yogurt. It was pretty bland, but I did like that the mix-ins added a bit of texture. Originally I had hope that this would be more oatmeal-y, but I understand why it's not. (The package never calls it an oatmeal, it's Greek yogurt with oats.)
Maybe this is a good product for people on the go that want something quick and filling for breakfast and don't want to make it themselves, but you can easily make this yourself! Just take a big container of Greek yogurt, separate it out into some Tupperware containers, add a table spoon or two of brown sugar instant oatmeal and raisins to each one, stir, and BOOM! Greek yogurt with oat-y goodness made right at home. I won't be buying this again because I don't have the hustle and bustle kind of life that warrants me buying this kind of product, but it's not bad.  
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