Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rock & Roll Wiener - Grab A Wiener: Wildwood, NJ

Rock & Roll Wiener - Grab A Wiener: Wildwood, NJ
Wiener Wednesday? I feel like that should be a thing, but I don't review enough hot dogs to make it work. Then again, this place has some really interesting ones.

I saw this place last year and I instantly fell in love with how awful the name is. I mean, Grab A Wiener? Amazing! Plus, they totally did it on purpose and they run with it. They sell themed shirts and merchandise with innocent, yet dirty, slogans revolving wieners. Last year I stumbled upon it after I already ate. This year? The second I hit the boardwalk I went straight to this place to give one of their wieners a try. (Ha, wiener.)

What sets Grab A Wiener apart from the other hot dog places on the Wildwood boardwalk is that they sell extra long dogs with lots of crazy toppings. The other places only sell normal hot dogs and the toppings are limited to the traditional mustard, ketchup and relish. What I especially love about this place is that each of these signature hot dogs are named after a ride on the boardwalk! I grew up going to Wildwood every summer, so this was really kitschy, but effective. I loved seeing the names of all my favorite childhood rides on the menu board. Why aren't more places doing that? Isn't that marketing 101?

After a bit of hemming and hawing, I went with the Rock & Roll. (Which was one of my favorite rides growing up.) This specific dog is topped with guacamole, diced tomatoes and onions, cheddar cheese, and chipotle mayo. It's pretty expensive, about $7.00 for just a hot dog. (Comes with no drink or fries.) But this thing is really massive, and it makes for quite a filling meal. (Plus I always have a reusable bottle in my purse filled with water, so now $3.00 sodas for me.) 

I took a bite, and man, was this thing good! The hot dog was cooked on a griddle, so the outside was wonderfully crunchy, but other than that, it was fairly standard hot dog. Just a super long one! The toppings aren't something I would have thought to mix together, but it works really well! I'm really digging this combination, and at my next BBQ I'm going to whip up something similar for all my friends.

As for Grab a Wiener, I am definitely going to be going back and trying their other flavor mash-ups. I'm hoping for at least one or two more day-trips to the beach before the summer is out, and if I do, I'll definitely be doing another review!

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