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Starburst Halloween Mix - Target

Starburst Halloween Mix - Target
Nearly all of the fun sized Trick-or-Treat candy on shelves this year are repeats from previous years. A few brands came out with some new shapes, or switched up their colors, but overall the actual candies stayed the same. How boring! Come on companies, give me something new!

Thankfully Starburst released this Halloween mix that has some previously retired flavors returning from the candy graveyard, and they have some adorably spooky wrappers to boot!

The plastic bag has a wonderful Halloween-themed pattern in the background that echos the new spooky shapes on the individual wrappers, and the deep blue color contrasts with the brand's iconic bright yellow really nicely. This is fun, simple, and I absolutely love the colors. The Frankenstein's monster is a little weird looking, but I can live with it. I still feel like the juicy yellow blob behind the "Starburst" looks like a giant... especially on the smaller fun-sized wrappers, but again...I can live with it.
It's not just me, right? Do you guys see it too? Okay, moving on!

There are four flavors in this mix, and each one has their own Halloween-themed illustration.I absolutely freaking love these little illustrations! They're so adorable and simple! Over a decade ago, when I was a little high school goth who was obsessed with candy and crafts, I made myself a messenger bag using starburst wrappers, clear vinyl, and a sewing machine. I was sooo proud of myself! I always meant to retry this project now that my sewing skills have vastly improved, but I just never got around to it. Oh well,

Batty Blackberry Chew (purple with bats) - Black berry was in their Very Berry Starbust mix, but I think that's been discontinued. (Since it's no longer listed on their official website.) The blackberry chew smells fairly authentic and jammy, but it tastes more artificial and floral. It's not bad, but it doesn't have those deeper berry notes that I was hoping for. I enjoy it, but I rather have something less tangy and more jammy in this mix.

Bewitched Blueberry (blue with cats) - This is another flavor that was in the Very Berry Mix, and as far as I can tell this has no scent at all, and it doesn't taste like much either. It's sweet and kind of authentically blueberry-ish, but really mild and (again) kind of floral. I didn't get many in my mix, which didn't bother me since they were so flavorless. (Although I do like the little cat on the wrapper.)
Mysterious Mango (orange with ghosts) - Mango has been around in the Tropical Mix and a few others for the last few years, but it's always mixed with something. The last time mango was all on it's own was back when they did a "Retro" mix where they called it "Hey Mango-rena." (Yeah, that was a thing that totally happened.) Again, this one doesn't smell like much, but it tastes similar to those Mango gummies I loved from Trader Joe's! It's sweet, tangy, and really enjoyable. This one was my favorite in the mix, and thankfully I got a LOT of them.

Chilling Cherry Kiwi (green with skulls) - This is the only flavor that is a different color than it's wrapper. The red candy peeking through the green and white wrapper looks so messy! I hate that! (But I love the little skulls.) This flavor used to be in the Tropical mix a few years ago, but it was replaced with Royal Berry Punch. This one smells kind of like cherry Airheads, but it tastes sweet, a little tangy, and kind of fruit-punch like. I like the sweet berry and tangy kiwi combination, and even though this was one of the ugliest ones in the mix (due to the red and green color clash) it was my second favorite.

Overall, I think this was a pretty solid mix of flavors. The only one I didn't enjoy was the blueberry, because of how weak and flavorless it turned out to be, but I can still easily eat them and thankfully there aren't too many of them. Would I recommend buying these this year for Halloween? SURE! Especially if you collect candy wrappers or are into making crafts with them. Just look at these! I would have bought them for the wrappers alone. (But as this blog has clearly proven by now...I'm insane.)
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  1. Cherry Kiwi is still in the tropical mix. I hope they bring back Royal Berry Punch in another mix in 2017. It tasted good, like pineapples with berries.

    2016's new mix is Sweets and Sours. The flavors are sweet strawberry, sweet blackberry, sour cherry, and sour green apple. It should be available in stores by December 2015