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Snapple Fall Spice Tea - Target

Snapple Fall Spice Tea - Target
I've reviewed a lot of fall products, everything from pumpkin-based pasta sauces to seasonally spiced chewing gum, and I've even reviewed some fall themed teas...but they've always been in tea-bag-form to be brewed at home. Not bottled, and especially not iced. Since it's been a while since Snapple has done anything new, they were kind of flying under my radar. When I saw that they had released a fall themed product, I was really excited because it seemed to come entirely out of left field. I mean, I haven't done my homework, but I think this is the first time Snapple has thrown it's hat into the limited edition fall flavor ring, and I think they might be the first American company to release a fall-themed iced tea as well. 
It may not be pumpkin spiced, but let's give this seasonal Snapple a try!
The bottle is made of glass, as usual, and the label follows the same layout as other non-seasonal Snapple flavors. For an American design, this is a bit busy and obnoxious. There are so many different typefaces! It looks like the designers tried to tie all these fonts together by making them the same color, but it still comes off as being a little over the top and obnoxious. At least the colors are very well done. All of these deeper jewel-toned reds and oranges are reminiscent of the changing leaves, and looking at this bottle definitely makes you think of fall weather. I like this design, but I don't love it. 
Okay, first things first, we gotta check out the Snapple fact! 
Ha! How funny is it that we get a Honeybee related fact right after our Honey themed Candyology 101 podcast? I think it's pretty awesome! Snapple Facts have a bad reputation for being un-researched and wrong most of the time, but this one is 100% true! (One day, when I am a little old lady, I'm going to retire and become a bee keeper, so these things are good to know.) 
After fact-checking my Snapple cap, I poured some of the tea into a glass to get a better look. (And an awesome pour-shot.) The black tea smells sweet, and pleasant, but the first thing it reminded me of was the fall themed potpourri my one Uncle used to keep in his bathroom. If I had taken his little basket of dried pinecones and flowers, and brewed it up on the stove with some sugar, I imagine it'd smell pretty similar to this. It's not gross, or unappetizing, but it immediately made me feel like I was about to drink something that would tastes like...grandmas. 
I took a sip, and at first, I hated it. My brain had already related it to my Uncle's bathroom, so I could only taste the spiced fall air-freshener-like spice blend mixed with sugar. I immediately regretted buying a 6-pack of it, but powered through my first bottle, since I am a total cheapskate and I hate wasting money. 
The next day I took a second bottle with me to work, which is something I do to force myself to finish off random food/drink products I'm reviewing. If I'm stuck at work, I have no choice but to eat/drink this stuff! I finished another bottle and decided that it was a little sweet for my tastes, but it was drinkable. After repeating this pattern of waste-not-want-not for another day or two, and nearly finishing the case, I found myself feeling a little sad. This stuff had grown on me! Once I got over my initial potpourri-relation, I could taste a bit more of the cranberry juice and a tiny hint of orange zest, but I'm not entirely flip-flopping on my original reaction. I stand by my statement that this stuff initially tasted like grandmas, and I feel like it still does, but now...I kind of dig it. 
If you're a fan of bottled iced teas and mulled wine, this could be the perfect seasonal mash-up for you. I personally wouldn't buy another 6-pack for myself, but if I saw a single bottle for sale at Wawa or something, I might pick it up again. (For the record, I did share a bottle of this stuff with my sister and some friends, and everyone liked this stuff a lot more than I did.) 
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