Monday, November 23, 2015

Tao Kae Noi Big Roll (Classic Flavor) - NY Fancy Food Show

Tao Kae Noi Big Roll (Classic Flavor) - NY Fancy Food Show
I have a LOT of food in my to-be-reviewed stash, and it's getting way out of hand, so I'm trying to get through the stuff that's been sitting around the longest. I got this seaweed sample at the Summer Fancy Food Show, and that was back in I figured I should probably hurry up and review this thing.

I love seaweed snacks, and I've actually reviewed some from this brand before, but I've never seen these Big Rolls at the Asian Food Market or H-Mart. Are they sold individually like this? Or in some kind of multi pack?

This single serving package is pretty nice, it's got a clear photo on the front showing you what's inside, and plenty of information. If I saw this on store shelves, or in the check-out aisle, I'd definitely be interested enough to pick this up based on the visuals alone, so I'd say that's a success, but this bag doesn't protect the product at all. This seaweed roll has been to hell and back. I carried it back and forth from the convention center to my hotel room, to the train station, on the train back to Jersey, and it's been sitting in a bag with all my other NY goodies for months. I can only imagine the roll inside will be seaweed-shrapnel. There's no way this little plastic bag kept it safe throughout that entire journey.

Surprisingly, most of the roll was still intact! About 40% of the roll was smashed into seaweed-confetti, but the rest survived. It's a miracle! (I'm still going to eat the smashed bits, but this way I'll get a decent photo of the roll.)
The packaging says that this is "original" flavored, which I had assumed was classic seaweed with a hint of salt, but this smells more like Teriyaki-style to me. It's sweet, but salty, and it smells kind of BBQ-sauce-like. What does "original" even mean?

I took a bite, and this tastes JUST like the the Teriyaki seaweed I have in my pantry, but it's a bit thicker and crunchier. This texture is so different from the other seaweed snacks I've had, and I really like it! It feels way more substantial and satisfying. Kind of like a seaweed-version of an Umaibo stick. As far as the flavoring, it's hard to describe. This kind of has that umami-thing going on. It tastes sweet, salty, a little smokey and kind of meat-y.

I really like this a lot and I wish I was able to buy them at my local markets, but who am I kidding. I still have a TON of other products to review. Maybe it's a good thing I can't find them locally, or else I'd turn into a food hoarder. Once I eat the rest of this stuff, maybe I'll try and find a larger amount of these for sale on Amazon or something, but for now, one is enough for me. If you like seaweed snacks, you'll love this, and if I wasn't a crazy food hoarder, I'd definitely be buying more.
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