Monday, December 14, 2015

7 Last Minute (non-edible) Food Related Gift Ideas

7 Last Minute (non-edible) Food Related Gift Ideas
Not only am I obsessed with actual, edible, food, but I love foodie novelty products and related things. Since it's the holiday season and all, I thought I would share some fun (last minute) food-related products that I personally own and would recommend as holiday gifts for the foodies in your family. (Or yourself. TREAT YO SELF!) 

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the epic inner struggle I went through before buying this Cheeseburger-printed lunch box. In the end, I am beyond happy I did. This little burger has been really handy, but not for it's intended purpose. Instead of using it as a lunch box, I use it as my dog-park bag. This little hamburger holds my dog's bowl, a toy, some treats, plastic bags, and all my other doggy day trip essentials. It's great! Everyone always compliments me on it at the park, and it holds all of Jack's stuff perfectly. (Also, it makes me think of the Cheeseburger Backpack from Steven Universe, so that makes this even more awesome.) Target had a bunch of really cute food themed lunch boxes and backpacks. Back in September I was debating on buying this one, or a French Fry style oneI got this for 7.99 at Target, but there are plenty of similar bags online.  I suggest checking out your local Target to see what's around before buying online. 

Remember Scott Pilgrim vs. The World? (Which was an awesome graphic novel, turned into an awesome movie which involved one of my favorite bands ever, Metric?) That guy wrote this! Bryan Lee O'Mally wrote another graphic novel that revolves around a female chef, her relationships, food, a little bit of magic. I got this book as a gift from my good buddy Zach for my birthday, and I absolutely love it. It's a great read and the art style is simple, but fun, just like Scott Pilgrim. If you know anyone into comics, or graphic novels, this one made it to the Best Sellers list, and was named one of the best books of the year for 2014 by several different newspapers. I think it's definitely worth checking out. 
Manga more your style? There's lots of foodie manga out there too, but most of it is hard to buy in book form. Here are a few of my personal favorites that you can read online, but they're kind of old. (Since I haven't read manga in a long time.)



Foodie Pillows - Amazon
When you search for "food pillow" on Amazon you get a lot of amazing results, but the only one I own and would recommend is THIS pizza pillow. I absolutely love it! The pillow is stuffed with fiber fill, not those tiny micro-beads (that I hate), and it's shipped inside a mini cardboard pizza box! It's a decent size, and the fabric is really soft, so I love cuddling with it in bed or on the couch while eating the real thing. (Yes I eat in bed, don't judge.) I asked for this pillow as a birthday gift from my pizza-loving vegetarian friend, and there's a gift further down this list that I want to get them for their birthday as a related thank you present. (They don't read my blog, so I think it's safe to spoil the surprise.) 

Kelly Gilleran - Redbubble
Supporting artists is always awesome, and Kelly Gilleran is one of my favorites. She paints these awesome retro food illustrations that you can buy on all kinds of goods at Redbubble, like reusable shopping bags, mugs, and even leggings. I love her colorful, illustrations, and when I needed new shopping totes for Aldi, I went straight to her shop. I got the buttered toast tote, the peach sundae tote. and the ham sandwich tote. Redbubble's bags are really thick and sturdy, so these totes should hold up for quite some time and I'll carry my food home in food printed bags. How meta!
Right now there is 20% off using the coupon code: LASTCHANCE.
If you like to sew your own stuff, like me, you can buy her prints as fabric, wrapping paper, and even wallpaper here on Spoonflower

Food Scented Perfumes - Demeter
I love foodie smells, and Demeter has me covered. They seriously have TONS of unique aromas, both food related and not. Old books? They got that! Pizza? BOOM, right HERE. Even mulled cider and eggnog! They do a few flavor themed collections here and there too, like this collaboration with Tootsie.  
I personally own this Waffle Cone and Strawberry Ice Cream duo, which I love and has lasted me YEARS, but I just placed an order for Pizza, Pistachio Ice Cream and a few others. I've also bought the old book-themed scent in the past for my ex who was an English major and he loved it. These scents make great, unique, gifts. Although a full bottle of this stuff is kind of pricey, I think they're worth it. (Also worth noting, Elvira, the love of my goth life, has her own collection there as well.) 


Pizza Towel -
A giant circle-shaped towel printed to look like a pizza pie that's shipped in a pizza box. Need I say more? Does anyone really NEED this? No. But it makes life a lot more fun. Imagine the looks you'll get laying this out on the beach. This is the only product on this list I don't own, yet. Pizza Towel announced that new topping varieties will be coming soon, and I am holding out for their veggie version, which they showed a prototype of HERE. Once the veggie version is available, I am buying two. One for myself, and one for my pizza-loving vegetarian friend. So while I can't tell you how awesome this is from actual hands on experience, yet, I really want this and will be buying it ASAP. 

Bath Products - Lush Cosmetics
I am a recent Lush-addict, but I already have a few favorites. I'm really picky about my food smells, when I want something that makes me smell like food I MEAN I WANT TO SMELL LIKE FOOD. No flowers please. A lot of the stuff sold at Lush have floral or botanical scents, but there are several products that remind me of delicious yummy junk food. 
  • Dragon's Egg  - Citrus Sherbet scented Bath Bomb (I think this smells like Froot Loops) It even has multi-colored-soap confetti and gold shimmer inside! This smells bright and citrus-y, just like Froot Loops or Fruity Pebbles. So good. I've bought this 3 times now and I plan on buying it again soon.  
  • The Comforter - Black Currant scented Bubble Bar (This is more like cotton candy to me. It fills your tub with a mountain of pink cotton candy bubbles.) Of all the Lush products I have tried, this is my #1 absolute all time favorite. I've bought it 4 times, and if they ever discontinue it...I won't say I'd burn the place down, but I'd burn the place down. (And make bath bombs with the ashes.) I use my thin polymer clay blades to slice a whole bar into 4 chunks. That way I get at least 4 baths worth of bubbles from each bar. If I used the whole thing at once, my entire bathroom would disappear in bubbles! 
  • Nightwing - Lime scented Shower Jelly (This smells like lime Skittles!)  Sadly this one was Halloween only, but it's still one of my favorites and I can't wait for it to come back next year. My sister loves the scent of this one too. It's really zesty. 

© Maria Smith
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