Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cinnamon Bun Oreos - Walmart

Cinnamon Bun Oreos - Walmart
This food blogger don't want none unless it's got buns, 'hun! (How many other food bloggers went for the joke? I'm guessing a lot.) This was the Oreo flavor I was most excited about. You can keep that re-released Red Velvet Cake, the Peppermint, and the over-hyped Creme Filled Cupcake. I am all about the cinnamon bun!
Okay, so it looks the same as the other fancy flavored Oreos, but, just pointing this out, most of the Limited Edition flavors follow the classic Oreo color scheme of blue package = chocolate cookie, while yellow package = vanilla cookie, but this flavor breaks that pattern. We have a BLUE package with a cinnamon-flavored Oreo and no chocolate flavoring in sight. (S'mores used blue packaging too, but they had chocolate creme inside.) I have a feeling they made this flavor blue to relate to Cinnabon, but I have no proof to really back that up. Okay, time to indulge in some buns!
I opened the package and I immediately smelled sweet cinnamon spice with a heavy dose of sugary vanilla creme. It's not as intoxicating as walking near the Cinnabon at the mall, but the aroma is reminiscent of cooking up those cinnamon buns that come in a tube at the grocery store. So far so good.

The packaging says the cookies are cinnamon flavored, but I had the sneaking suspicion that these were the same as the "graham" cookies used for other flavors in the past. I tried the cookie on it's own and surprisingly I was wrong! Although the flavoring milder than I would have liked, these were definitely a new cinnamon-flavored cookie. It's pretty pleasant as-is, but I was hoping it would pack more of a cinnamon-punch to counter act all the creme filling. Then again, the filling isn't vanilla, or even cream cheese flavored, it's supposed to be "cinnamon bun" flavored creme, so maybe things will work out after all.
I tried the creme, and it's super sweet, vanilla-heavy, and lightly cinnamon-y. To me, it doesn't taste like a cinnamon bun, but it DOES taste like I licked all the creme icing off a cinnamon bun. SO while it's not really a perfect 1-to-1 replica of a real cinnamon bun, I still think it's pretty impressive.
When both cookie components are combined they form Captain Planet they taste pretty authentic if you're comparing these to a grocery store cinnamon bun, but it just doesn't beat the ooey gooey Cinnabon version that I'm craving after looking at the photo on the packaging.

It might not satisfy your cinnamon bun cravings, but this is a pretty solid cookie, and I like it a lot. It's a golden Oreo with a hint of cinnamon, mixed with an authentic vanilla creme icing that's different from the usual waxy vanilla Oreo creme. Not bad, Oreo, not bad at all. So far this is my favorite Oreo of 2016, but we've only had 2 truly new flavors so far, the rest were re-releases. If this one were to return, I'd definitely buy another package and I won't have any trouble finishing this one off. 
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  1. You stated that if this flavor "were to return." Did you know it is a permanent addition to the lineup, and NOT limited edition!

    1. I didn't! I assumed that it was another Limited Edition flavor. I'd say this is a pretty good addition to the line-up! Thanks for the info!

  2. I wasn't as impressed with this flavor as I had hoped, I still think the Red Velvet is the best! That being said, you should try these microwaved for about 8 seconds!

    1. That sounds amazing! I'll definitely give that a try. (I'll likely post my thoughts on Instagram.)