Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Giant Strawberry Caplico - Sun Seng Market

Giant Strawberry Caplico - Sun Seng Market
I'm counting this as a Valentine's Day product because it's pink. Plus I have a huge foodie backlog, so reviews are going up faster than ever before! I need to get this stuff 'outta here pronto before TLC show up at my house with cameras and a dumpster. 
Caplico, not to be confused with the beverage Calpico, are little wafer-style ice cream cones and filled with solid, but bubbly, chocolate. Usually they are really tiny candies, but this Caplico in particular is GIANT. So it's pretty much the same size as a real ice cream cone! So, it looks like ice cream, but does it taste like ice cream?
The packaging is mostly covered by this nutritional sticker, so I can't see most of the fun design. Since I'm a stickler for nice foodie photos I tried to remove it, but it just kept tearing apart and looking even worse. So since I can't really see the design all that well, I'll just skip my usual packaging critique. 
There is a little pull tab on the side of the cone that you tear off to remove the paper wrapping, so it was easy to open, and amazingly this candy cone was entirely intact! No melting! No breakage! That's pretty darn impressive. A lot of the chocolate based candies that I buy from the local Asian markets have a bit of wear and tear from their journey from wherever they were made to my shops here in New Jersey, but this looks absolutely perfect!  
The top portion is a thick cap of bubbly strawberry flavored chocolate. Just look at that texture! Although it has all these craters and bumps, it's got a glossy finish that makes it look like a plastic toy I would have had in my play kitchen as a kid, but it smells like the strawberry coating on Pocky. 
I took a bite, and man was this thing messy! This fake ice cream is way messier than the real thing. We're talking chocolate crumbles everywhere! All that whipped bubbly texturing causes tiny flakes of chocolate to break away and fall all over your desk or shirt when you take a bite, but that same texturing makes this chocolate melt in your mouth similar to actual ice cream. The chocolate quality isn't all that great, it's on-par with the slightly waxy coating of Pocky, but that whipped bubbly texture makes it feel a lot richer and creamier since it melts so quickly on your tongue. Once you get through the strawberry layer there is a milk chocolate core underneath with the same aerated bubbles, but the cocoa flavoring surprisingly isn't that strong. It doesn't overpower the strawberry, and the wafer cones adds a nice crispy texture. 
Normally I don't like strawberry flavored white chocolate, and I'm not a huge fan of the normal Strawberry Pocky, but this texturing really does change the overall experience and flavoring. This same strawberry chocolate feels lighter, creamier, and even richer thanks to the bubbles, and you know what? Even though it's messy, I'd totally buy this again. It was pretty yummy, you get a pretty large portion of candy to snack on for your money, and it looks freaking adorable. I'll just have to eat very carefully next time to avoid all these chocolate flakes all over the place. As I type they're all over my keyboard, but for something this adorable, I'll let that slide.  

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