Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tic-Tac Scary Sweets Mix - Gift (TBT)

Tic-Tac Scary Sweets Mix - Gift
More outdated candies from my food stash! This pack of Tic-Tacs was given to me as a gift way back in October, and I just never got around to reviewing them. I recently found them hiding out in one of my purses, so why not review them?

The packaging for this seasonal mix is so lame. I mean, "Scary Sweets?" Really? Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love all the spooky seasonal stuff that gets released, but this was all that Tic-Tac could come up with? They slapped a few clipart bats onto a purple label and used a generic horror-looking font. That's it. There's nothing else Halloween-y about this mix at all. The flavors aren't fancy, seasonal, or limited edition either. Overall, this feels like a really lazy product release. I got this as a gift from a friend, so I feel bad picking on it so much, but I kind of feel like my friend got ripped off. (How dare you sucker my precious friend with your Halloween-y gimmicks Tic-Tac!) 

This mix contains two flavors.

Purple (Grape): Grape has never been my favorite candy flavor, because it always reminds me of children's cough medicine, but this one isn't half bad. It's very mild, and almost not grape-y at all. It's not a flavor I would ever buy on it's own, but it's not bad in a mix with something more palatable.

Red (Cherry): Sweet, a little tangy, and fairly generic. It's no different from the cherry flavor from the Summer Pop mix I reviewed before. It's okay, but nothing spectacular, and this flavor comes in a lot of other mixes.
This mix was so lack luster. Grape and cherry are flavors you can easily find in other mixes, and neither flavor is something I would want to buy an entire package of on it's own. Plus, what do these flavors have to do with Halloween or spooky stuff anyway? This just seems like a quickly slapped together product to cash in on the Halloween season. Unless you're super into generic cherry flavoring and super mild grape candy, there's no reason to buy this mix.
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