Thursday, March 24, 2016

Birthday Cake Airhead - 7-Eleven

Birthday Cake Airhead - 7-Eleven
Today is my friend Karen's birthday, so why not celebrate by eating a cake flavored taffy and then describing it to a bunch of strangers on the internet? To top things off I'm not even sharing it with her! (Sorry Karen, but to be honest, I'm really skeptical about this flavor, so it sounds selfish, but I might be taking a cake-flavored bullet for you. You're welcome.) 
Airheads are celebrating their 30th anniversary with a new Birthday Cake flavored taffy, and from what I've seen, the only way to get your hands on it is to buy a 6-pack of Airheads from your local drug or convenience store. I can't find it sold separately in stores, not yet anyway, so right now you can only get one birthday themed bar at a time in a package with 5 other popular flavors. If you like Airheads, like I do, this isn't a big deal, but if you're not a fan and you're only interested in the Birthday bar, right now you're out of luck. Inside the main package, with the 6 bars, there's also a little scratch-off card to win some additional birthday goodies and prizes. (None of which are dental insurance. You know you're getting old and adult-y when you start making health insurance jokes.)  
The birthday bar itself has a silver and white design, similar to the mystery flavored bar, but with added confetti, streamers, and a big ol' slice of vanilla Funfetti birthday cake in the corner. It's cute and festive without being too obnoxious. I like it! 
Unwrapped, it looks like the base is the same semi-translucent white color as the mystery flavor, but with added edible confetti sprinkles mixed in. The bar smells sweet and vanilla's, but also coconut-like, with no tang to it at all. I gotta say, birthday cake isn't a shocking flavor or anything, but it's really bizarre to smell something like this when I've always related Airheads with being fruity and tangy.  I took a bite, and this stuff tastes like vanilla birthday cake icing from those grocery store sheet cakes. It's all the texture of an airhead, with the waxy vanilla flavoring of processed cake icing.
It's not bad at all, but it's definitely not my favorite Airhead flavor out there. My uncle really loves vanilla saltwater taffy, so I bet he'd really love this stuff. Me? Not so much. I originally hoped the sprinkles would have added some texture to this taffy, but these are really thin and absolutely texture-less. Ever eat edible glitter? That's what this stuff is. It's pretty, but it doesn't add anything to the taste and texture of the product. I gave my scratch-off a shot, but no luck. 
This is a fun limited edition item that some vanilla and cake-loving consumers will love, and while I'm happy Airheads are doing something new, I can't see myself ever buying this flavor for myself again. (I might grab another pack for my uncle to try at Easter though.) 
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  1. They need to sell it individually. The problem is that the 6 pack flavors some of the limited edition flavors are sold only 1 in 6 pack. Honestly they should sell 6 pack of white mystery flavor alone