Thursday, March 24, 2016

Coco-Loco-Lili-Nut - 7-Eleven

Coco-Loco-Lili-Nut - 7-Eleven
Apparently Jones Sodas are kind of back? They made a deal with 7-Eleven to release 5 exclusive flavors of soda that will only be available in their stores. I was absolutely in love with Jones Soda as a teen, so I'm thrilled to check these out! Jones is one of those brands I've loved since day one, but it's never fully clicked with the general population. I don't get it. What's not to love? The indie customer-supplied-photo-labels, the wacky names, and the variety of flavors were amazing! I used to treat myself to a glass bottle of Jone's soda when I was eating at Panera bread, and Pei Wei, but sadly, I guess they didn't sell well enough, or their contracts expired, because it became harder and harder to find. For a while you could buy them at Old Navy, which was a totally bizarre place to get glass bottled soda, and now you can get cans (which are less fun than bottles) at Target, but the flavor variety is really limited. 
For today's #tbt post, why not grab a bottle of this new Jones soda, kick back, and pretend I'm back in high school? (Only now I have less acne, and more anxiety. Yay adulting!)  
The bottle design is reminiscent of the old Jones bottle labels, what with the wacky black and white imagery and all, but it's a lot busier than the older bottles. We have the colorful fruit that are related to this tropical flavor breaking up the black and white collage in the background, the 7-Eleven logo, and a few pops of color to remind us that this was made with "real cane sugar." (Although my old nemesis sucralose is in the ingredients list as well...which is worrisome. Just FYI, that stuff always triggers my vertigo, and had I seen that before buying I might not have pulled the trigger on this purchase.) 
Since the liquid inside is  a slightly cloudy clear-ish color, it doesn't photograph all that well in my set-up, so we'll just have to make due with my two bottle photos.
I twisted the cap off and the liquid inside smelled like piña colada, bubble gum, and artificial sweetener. Instant regret. First of all it smells sucralose-y, but bubble gum? I freaking hate pink wintergreen-y bubble gum! Oh man...this smells like a tropical visit to my dentist's office and I am NOT looking forward to sipping on this stuff. Oh well, down the hatch!  
Thankfully this stuff tastes less bubble gum-y than it smells, but it still tastes diet-like, due to the artificial flavoring and sweeteners. It reminds me of thawed piña colada concentrate, if it were made with fake sugar, and the sweetness is very cloying and intense. The more I sip it, the less I like it. I used to love you Jones, what happened to you? Drinking this stuff, and remembering how awesome you used to be, breaks my heart. I know you can do so much better! Safe to say, I would never buy this again, and the only way I can make it tolerable enough for me to finish this bottle is to mix it with some hard ginger ale I bought at the grocery store a few weeks ago. 
If you're one of those people who can drink diet soda, and you like things ultra sweet and bubble gum like, this is for you, but it's definitely not for me.  
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