Sunday, March 13, 2016

Play Bubble Cola Gum - Asian Food Market

Play Bubble Cola Gum -Asian Food Market
More old photos of products I never got around to reviewing! I was wandering around the Asian Food Market and I noticed they got a whole line of Taiwanese sports themed bubble gum! How can I resist a sparkly-eyed, bubblegum chewing, fire-pitching baseball player? (Plus it's cola flavored.)
The packaging functions similar to Bubblicious, it's individually wrapped pieces of chewing gum covered in a printed foiled paper wrapper. Nothing really interesting there, but these characters on the package and the individual gum wrappers look so...odd. At least when you look at all the other mascots in the snack aisle. Normally I see Sanrio, Doraemon, cute bubbly animal characters, food with faces, but rugged baseball dudes? This is a first. Actually, now that I think about it, all of the chewing gums in this line are baseball themed, which might be a play on chewing tobacco back in the old days of baseball, kind of like Big League Chew here in the states. The overall design and illustration quality for this product aren't bad, but it seems really bizarre, and this whole gum line stood out like a sore thumb from all the other gum-like products in the candy aisle. (Which may be a good thing, it caught my attention.)

Three are little baseball dudes are scattered all over the individual wrappers too! Well, I say little, but these guys look pretty beefy and burly to me. (Maybe they're taking cartoon steroids?)
I removed the beefcake-y baseball guy wrapper and the gum inside is 2-toned, which I wasn't expecting, and it has three grooves on the top that remind me of classic Bazooka Joe gum.
When you first start to chew the gum, the outer beige layer seems stiff and kind of flavorless, but once it combines with the brown inner layer the chew gets a lot bouncier, and the flavoring gets bolder. It's not a bright and bubbly in-your-face-cola, but it's pleasant enough and you can tell what it's going for. Now the flavor payoff is just okay. Not great, not terrible, but the chew and bubble blowing ability are fantastic! This stuff has a great stretch, so if popping your gum and blowing bubbles is your thing, this is the gum for you. The only downside to it's thin and bouncy texture is that when you blow larger bubbles, and they pop and fall back onto your face, it leaves a little sticky residue behind. We've all been there, you blow a huge awesome bubble, it pops, collapses in on itself towards your face, and now you're stuck trying to get all these little gum bits or stickiness off your lips and chin while still attempting to look cool in public.

This isn't the best tasting gum I've ever had, but it was pretty cheap, the flavor was nice, and it blew some really awesome bubbles. I think I chewed this for a solid hour before spitting it out, and it never got stiff, but the flavoring dies out around the 15-20 min mark, which is longer lasting than other gums I've reviewed. I'd definitely buy this again and I look forward to trying a few other flavors.
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