Monday, March 14, 2016

Banana Flavored Chocolate Milano Cookies - Target

Banana Flavored Chocolate Milano Cookies - Target
After eating flop after flop you'd think I'd learn...but here we are again. What can I say? The allure of a banana cookie was too strong for me to resist. Looking at my older reviews, I don't think I've had any luck with these limited edition Pepperidge Farm cookies. They always look gorgeous, but they fancy cardboard. (Or in the case of the Cinnamon Bun cookies I reviewed on my Instagram account..burning plastic cream cheese.) Maybe this will be it, the one cookie to rule them all, after all it has banana flavoring. How can that go wrong?
Packaging? Same ol' same ol'. Pepperidge Farm doesn't like to shake things up, so we have a foiled paper bag just like all of the others on the shelves in the grocery aisle. The only real change-up for this limited edition flavor is the spring-y green backdrop and the purple tulips. It's kind of disjointed from the banana flavoring, but it's nice enough for spring, and I can see mom's really enjoying the splash of color. (I'm pretty sure mothers and maternal figured are the Milano's target audience.) 
I opened the package up and it smelled sweet and buttery, like those cookies that come in those sewing kits, I mean, blue metal tins, and there's a hint of banana flavored white chocolate in there as well, but it's not as bold or authentic as I had hoped. Then again the bag does say "Banana flavored chocolate," so I should have known better. 
I'm typically not a fan of Pepperidge Farm's cookies, and I don't get all the hype for the Milano in particular, but you know what? These aren't bad at all. The cookie portion is light, crisp, and kind of buttery, just like all the other variations of Milano out there, and the filling has a decent amount of banana flavoring that holds it's own against the chocolate. The flavoring tastes a little process and artificial, more like banana flavored pudding than anything truly banana, but if you look at the ingredients list, banana is nowhere to be found, so that makes sense. This is processed, and artificial, but it's more authentically banana-y than Runts, and much sweeter than the slightly tangy banana Hi-Chew I just reviewed. If this fake banana were a real banana, it'd be brown and overripe. 
Even if they don't taste like real banana, these were pretty good for a grocery store cookie, and my boyfriend and I can easily finish off this bag, but they weren't tasty enough to warrant repurchase. So when this banana splits, I won't be writing any appeels. (Without my banana pop culture references I'm quickly reaching dad-level banana humor.)  

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