Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hot Diggity Dog Pringles - Walgreens

Hot Diggity Dog Pringles - Walgreens
Hot Dog flavored chips sound like a terrible idea, right? At least I thought so. When I saw these in Walgreens for the first time I nearly gagged at the thought of a mystery meat hot dog flavored chip, and I passed them by without thinking twice about my missed review opportunity, but then a few of my fellow foodies, like The Impulsive Buy, and Junk Food Guy wrote their reviews. After seeing what they had to say I decided to give these chips a chance, and I am SO happy I did.

Pringles come in can-like tubes, that's their gimmick, but for this flavor in particular I feel like this really used it to their advantage as far as their design is concerned. I mean, the canister is tube-shaped, so they made the whole thing hot dog colored. This can is that mystery meat-product pink color you see in hot dogs and bologna. It's a little unnerving to look at, but incredibly familiar and nostalgic at the same time. I look at this pink can and it makes me think of school lunches and bologna sandwiches, but in a good way! Added on to the overall hot dog look and color of this can they have a photo of an actual hot dog with two Pringles chips used for the bun. How cute is that? Then the little mustard squiggle forms an exclamation point? Not sure if that was intentional, but it feels like it. Overall, this packaging is really playful, takes advantage of the shape of the classic can, and it's oddly appealing. Easily one of my favorite Pringles cans I've ever reviewed. But really, hot dog flavored chips? How can this be a good idea?

I opened up the canister and peeled the foil lid back. Inside, the chips smelled like vinegar, salt, and...yellow mustard! Just as my foodie friends had foretold! These have a really bold and tangy vinegar aroma, but I love salt and vinegar chips, so instead of feeling disappointed by the lack of fake meaty aroma, I was excited!

Moment of truth! It's time to try a hot dog flavored Pringle, which is a sentance I never thought I'd type in my life. I took a bit and...I...I actually like these? Wow! Just like my other food reviewing friends have said, these don't taste like actual hot dogs or any kind of meat at all. These chips taste like yellow mustard with a strong dose of vinegar, but it works! I can't stop eating them! Imagine taking one of the salt and vinegar Pringles and dipping in yellow mustard without the chip losing any of it's crunch. That's what these taste like. Tangy, savory, vinegar-heavy and very very mustard-y. Yellow mustard-y to be specific.

I eat my hot dogs with yellow mustard and pickled relish, so this is reminiscent of my preferred hot dog toppings, but it doesn't actually taste hot dog-y at all. Normally that's a pet peeve of mine, I hate when foods don't live up to their flavor names, but in this case I don't mind at all. I love these mustard-y chips!

If you enjoy yellow mustard, you'll love these chips. Never in a million years would I have thought Hot Dog flavored chips would be a good idea, but I'm so glad I gave them a shot! I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a Pringles flavor this much and I will definitely have to buy another can to share with my friends...because this one is nearly empty. I just can't help myself!
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