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Strawberry Shortcake Oreos - Walmart

Strawberry Shortcake Oreos - Walmart
Another month, another new Oreo. Between these, Peeps and all the new m&m's...I'm getting pretty overwhelmed! It seems like the second I buy a new flavor of one, three others pop up in it's place. My stomach just can't keep up with it all! Heck, I still have a pack of the limited edition chocolate lemon Oreos somewhere in my avalanche-worthy food horde...I think? They're somewhere around here. I should probably find those and review them soon...

I'll get to those eventually. For now, let's find out if these Strawberry Shortcake Oreos are just strawberry flavored, or actually shortcake-like. 
By now we've seen enough limited edition Oreos to know the packaging inside and out. The layout and fonts are the same as all the other flavors, but this time there are two things about this flavor that stand out from the others. The first is that this is a blue bag. Normally the limited edition flavors with a golden cookie base use yellow bags, but this one is in blue, which is typically reserved for chocolate cookies. I'm guessing this choice was made so that the cake, being yellow, wouldn't get lost in the background. Good move Mondelez. The second thing I noticed is...this is another bag with no way to open and reseal it! Come on! I hated the tear-front style bags, but at least they allowed you to open and close the thing on the go. Without any resealable plastic on either end I have to put this bag inside a ziplock bag to maintain freshness, which is a hassle. Can't we go back to the twist-down style bags with the metal tie tops? I miss those. (Also worth mentioning is that these limited edition flavor bags are smaller than they were first introduced. We're all getting less cookie for our money these days, but depending on the flavor that may be a good thing. )
I used scissors to open this thing up and inside was a plastic tray with three rows of strawberry shortcake Oreos. The cookies smell like vanilla wafers and strawberry cotton candy. The aroma is extremely sweet, a little floral and it actually reminds me of the (sadly discontinued) line of edible perfumes Jessica Simpson made in the early 2000's! God I miss those. I used to wear the cupcake one religiously! (They smelled amazing, especially the cupcake one, but I never ate it so I can't tell you how they tasted.)  
I grabbed a few cookies to get a closer look, and since I had strawberries and whipped cream in the fridge I decided to have a little bit of fun with my presentation...
Look how pretty that is! Like a real shortcake! My strawberries had been in the fridge for a while, so they weren't as photogenic as the one on the packaging, but hey, I tried.

So how do they taste? I tried the cookie first and it was your typical golend vanilla Oreo. Nothing special there, so all the shortcake-y-ness has to be in the pink filling. Moment of truth! Are they just strawberry filled like the usual Berry themed Oreo? Or is this filling actually different?
Whoa. This is WAY sweeter than the usual berry Oreo. (I forget, are they still called Berry Burst Oreos? Or are they sold as just "berry" Oreos now?) As first taste the creme filling is must sweeter than normal with some of those strawberry cotton candy notes that berry flavored sweets tend to have. It doesn't have the same burnt sugar finish as the cotton candy Oreos that came out last summer, but it's sweetness is on the same level. The flavor finish for this creme is more berry-like, but it not as refreshing or authentically flavored as I would have liked. The best way to describe this is strawberry cotton candy flavored soft-serve ice cream.

When you combine that with the vanilla cookie crunch it gives a more authentic shortcake flavor experience than other shortcake themed candies on the market, but at the end of the day, it's still just a strawberry and vanilla flavored cookie. It's nice for what it is, but on it's own it's very cloying and sweet, I can only eat one or two at a time as-is, but when you mix these with actual strawberries and whipped cream they become phenomenal! (Although I guess adding real berries and cream to anything would likely make it better...)
EDIT: I gave some of these to my boyfriend and he loved them! He said they tasted like Crunch Berry cereal, and I gotta say, he's spot on! These do taste and smell like fruity Crunch berry cereal! (Especially with milk.)  
This is a very sweet and creamy creme filled cookie with some sugary cotton candy notes and a strawberry soft-serve finish. They're good, but are they shortcake like? I don't think so. I think this is just a sweeter version of the strawberry and berry themed cookies Oreo has already released over the years and it's not as bright and refreshing as I would have liked, but they're still enjoyable. This isn't some kind of flavor fiasco like the fruit punch Oreos, which sat in my snack cabinet untouched for well over a year. I'll likely use mine as an ice cream topping, or crumble them up and eat them with real strawberries, because on their own they're too sweet for my tastes, but I bet those of you who are tried and true sugar addicts would disagree.
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  1. Thanks for reviewing these. I was afraid they would be sickeningly sweet, so I'll pass on these after reading your review. On to the next new flavor!