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Meiji Marble Chocolate - Asian Food Market

Meiji Marble Chocolate - Asian Food Market
Meiji Marble, in a box? If you're unfamiliar with Meiji products, their candies are often sold in long skinny cardboard tubes with a matching cardboard cap. The only time I've ever seen Meiji Marble in a box, and not their signature tube, is when it's part of a mini-sampler, or a special flavor mix, but this looks pretty normal to me. I can't read much of the packaging, but from what I can see...this looks like normal marble chocolate. I guess we'll open it up and find out.
Even if this turns out to be the normal Meiji Marble candies in a fancy new box, I'm still happy I bought it because this box is freaking precious!
This package is compacted cuteness! The designers really knew what they were doing. Since the box is so small they limited the color palette to brown, gold, and a creamy off-white. We get some fun pops of color from the food illustrations, but those are limited to the top and front panel of the box, maintaining a somewhat mature and elegant overall look. Not that I'm surprised, Meiji always has beautiful packaging and that what usually draws me into buying their products in the first place, but what keeps me coming back for more is the quality.
I've had Meiji Marble in the past and it's a product similar to m&m's, or European Smarties. It's little chocolate morsels covered in a panned sugar shell, but the Meiji version has a very smooth and creamy chocolate texture that makes it stand out from the crowd. Before opening the box I was pretty sure these were just normal Marble candies in a cute new box, but once I opened it up, I wasn't sure anymore.

Inside the box is a gold foiled bag and a little diagram talking about the layers. Which I sadly can't read. I opened it the bag and I noticed that the candies were much lighter in color than usual. Just look at these gorgeous, springy, pastel shades!
Lolitas, eat your heart out! (Lolita as in the frilly Japanese clothing style, not the creepy predatory literary kind.) These colors are gorgeous! They're muted, but not too muted, and they're gorgeous in my little candy dish.
So are these just milk chocolate Marble candies? Or are they different? The packaging had one of those nutritional labels that had been translated into English and it said "Meiji Rich Chocolate" so maybe there ARE different after all. I took a bite...
Hm...I'm not sure? It seems like it might be darker than usual, but it much sweeter than your usual dark chocolate, and it has the same creamy texture as other chocolate-based Meiji products. It's really delicious and satisfying, like a Premium m&m, but it doesn't seem all that different from your typical Meiji Marble chocolate.

These are super cute, and I don't regret buying them because everything about this product is appealing, the taste, the colors and the packaging, but it doesn't seem all that different from the tube-version. If they have a different price point for each product I would recommend you go for whichever one was cheaper, because they're both great products and I honestly can't tell much of a difference between this one and the tube one. But Meiji chocolate IS pretty impressive, so if you get the chance to try Marble chocolates in any form, I say go for it!
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