Friday, May 27, 2016

Caramel Cookie Crunch Gelato - Aldi

Caramel Cookie Crunch Gelato - Aldi
Thank the merciful foodie gods, it's finally Friday! It's been an especially hard week but now I can put that all behind me! I can come home, change into my lazy pants, cuddle with my dog in bed and watch Bob's Burgers on Netflix (For the millionth time) while eating gelato right out of the container with a spoon. Life goals. Am I right?
I reviewed the pistachio version of this Specially selected Gelato a week or so ago and I was 100% convinced that it was a re-branding of Talenti. The containers are similar, the products are the same color and consistency, and the flavor name, "Sicilian Pistachio" was identical. Today's flavor follows that same pattern. We have the same container, another flavor torn right out of the Talenti line-up, and depending on the pint (because Talenti has some consistency issues when it comes to their mix-ins, just ask On Second Scoop) the gelato looks extremely similar, if not identical.

I discussed the packaging back in my pistachio post, HERE, and it's Friday, so lets get right into the best part of this review, how does it taste?

I twisted the cap off and the gelato inside didn't have a protective seal like the other flavor did, which was really odd, but the product didn't look tampered with...I hope.

The surface didn't have many mix-ins, just a few flecks here and there, but there's a big ol' caramel swirl right in the front, so I grabbed my spoon and dug for caramel-gold!

Unlike the pistachio, I haven't had Talenti's version of this flavor, so I can't speak to it's accuracy, but I will say this is pretty tasty stuff.
The gelato is soft and creamy with a buttery caramel flavoring mixed in to the gelato itself as well as the added caramel swirls. The swirls are really thin, unlike the thick ribbons you would find in a pint of Ben and Jerry's, but the gelato is flavorful enough to pack quite a caramel-y punch. Even though this is (obviously) a frozen dessert, something about this caramel flavoring just feels "warm" to me. It's buttery, sweet, and it reminds me of the thinner caramel syrups used to flavor coffee beverages. It's great! However....

Where's the dang crunch? This stuff is called "Caramel COOKIE Crunch" after all. There are some tiny little flecks of..something... mixed in. As a glance they look like little chocolate flakes, but maybe they're cookie bits? Really really tiny ones? I really like the flavor of the gelato itself, and it delivers a ton of caramel flavoring, but there just isn't enough crunch in here to live up to it's name. For me this would be better marketed as a Creamy Caramel Gelato, leave the "crunch" and the "cookie" off, because if that's what you're looking for, you'll end up being disappointed.

Even with the lack of texture, I really like this stuff. Of the two flavors I've reviewed so far the Pistachio is still my favorite, but my sister ended up preferring this one. It really depends on your personal preferences. I let her have the rest of this pint, since she really enjoyed it a lot more than I did, and I ended up cracking open the last flavor from this line that I had in my freezer. 
Maybe, if I don't pass out, spoon-in hand, while watching Bob's Burgers, I'll type up a review for that one tonight as well.
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  1. Ever noticed that Bob's Burgers is even funnier when you watch at at like 4 am?

  2. How much did this gelato cost you? I know you don't normally include how much money you paid for things on all of your posts, but I was just curious (especially since talenti can cost well over $5 at most stores around here, and because I have an Aldi near me).

    1. Sure! (Maybe I should start marking prices down.) I'll see if I can scrounge up my receipt to double check, but I remember it being $2.99 a pint.

      The only problem is that these are a specialty item, so it comes and goes completely at random. You never know when it'll return to the shelves, but keep an eye on their weekly ads to see if it pops up again.

  3. This is actually a rebrand of Superbo Gelato. The container is exactly the same except for the printing.

    You can see the pistachio version @

  4. Wonderful! Thanks for the info! I have never seen this brand before, but it's definitely spot-on.

  5. I tried the Tahitian Vanilla, it's gross and my location didn't have other flavors. It was smooth but it had a weird taste, like all there ice cream does. Oh and I paid 2.49 in Raleigh, NC.