Wednesday, May 25, 2016

#TBT Pop Candy Halloween Special Lollipops - H-Mart

Pop Candy Halloween Special Lollipops  #TBT H-Mart
Things are getting spoopy! (And that's no typo.) 
The day before Halloween I went to H-mart and found a bunch of freaking adorable Halloween goodies. This is pretty rare, because the Asian markets in the area typically don't usually carry seasonal products, and when they do they're usually really out of season, but this was right on time! I was so excited about it that I recorded a Halloween Haul video right before hosting my Halloween party. 
One of the candies I picked up back then were these lollipops, and I absolutely loved the packaging. While at H-mart this week, buying more kitchen staples like hoisin sauce and seasoned rice vinegar, I saw that they were still in stock, and better yet, on sale!

Cute fruit lollipops that are Halloween-themed AND cheap? Needless to say...I bought 2 more bags, so I figured I'd post a more in depth review.

First up, packaging. I just...I love it. Absolutely freaking love it. 
I've never been obsessed with a cartoon character before, except for a very bizarre period in my life when I was addicted to Garfield the cat....which is a story for another time, but this spooky little Peko-chan? I'm in love! She has dark make-up, a snaggle-fang, bat wings...I want her on everything I own! Devil Peko-chan T-shirts, plushies, coffee mugs...and I don't even drink coffee! I was goth in high school, and I still have a very strong affinity for skulls and all things spooky, so this seasonal take on this classic candy mascot warms my little black goth-y heart.  
This product has been released every Halloween for the past few years with Peko-chan in a witch outfit, but it seems they decided to shake things up for 2016 with a more devilish costume. I really love both and now I'm fighting off the urge to find old bags on eBay and collect them all..

Along with our costumed mascot we have smiley little bats and ghosties scattered around the package (It's their favorite holiday. They love it.)  and a cute little devil-dog on the back lower left corner. That corner image seems to vary, because I have one bag with this little dog, and other with an adorable little vampire-butler. I just... this is so cute. I could go on and on rambling about how much I love this bag, but I need to move on and get to the candy before this review turns into a novel. 

Inside the bag are individually wrapped lollipops in three flavors: grape, orange and strawberry. The lollipops are classically oval shaped, like the ones I used to get at the doctor's office when I was a kid, but these Pop Candy ones have cute shapes pressed into them that also vary. 
So far it looks like you can get

  • a waving hand (or it could be giving you a high five, it's kind of hard to tell)
  • a fist (which is slightly disturbing)
  • a hand making a peace sign
  • and a heart. 
One of these shapes is not like the others! (And I'm not talking about the heart.) What is up with the little fist? I mean, I think it's a fist. I'm like, 97% sure it is, because most of the 2/3 shapes are also hand-based. 

Does it taste like a punch in the mouth? Thankfully, no.  
Strawberry (pink) - Light, sweet and cotton-candy like with a hint of jam towards the end. It reminds me of my favorite strawberry Kasugai gummies mixed with strawberry Skittles, but in lollipop form. Easily my favorite of the bunch! 
Grape (purple) -  Normally I hate grape flavored sweets, because they always remind me of cough medicine, but this one is really great. It's concord-grape heavy and jammy with an authentic grape-juice finish. Another great flavor! (But strawberry will always be superior. Sorry grape.) 
Orange (orange) - Bright and citrus-y. It's not zesty like other orange sweets, this is more mellow, like an orange Starburst. It's really enjoyable and a nice contrast to the other berry flavors in this bag.   
I <3 you too, delicious little lolly!
This is a novelty Halloween product, but these lollipops taste great! Even if you're not in love with the packaging, like I am, I'd still recommend grabbing a bag of these for you to share with your friends. (Or for you to hoard for yourself...which is what I'm going to do. Don't judge.) 
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