Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trolli Sour Brite Blasts - Walmart

Trolli Sour Brite Blasts - Walmart
Thankfully I've (slowly) worked my way through some of my massive food backlog and I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Great! So, what do I do to celebrate? I buy a bunch of candy that I don't need from the impulse buy area of Walmart of course. I just can't help myself.

One of the peg-bags I grabbed was this new Trolli product that looked a lot like the Warheads cubes I reviewed a few years ago. If you haven't noticed by now, I like building little candy pyramids for my photo sessions, so when I saw a brightly colored cube-shaped candy within my reach...I had to have it.
After Trolli's re-branding, all of their products follow the same design-guidelines. We have a bold black bag with blue accents, giant bubble letters, and bright candy colors. Their neon-color scheme that makes me think of 90's roller rinks and malls, but the layout and typographic choices are modern and fresh. This packaging really suits their "weirdly awesome" tagline, and being black makes them stand out from all the other bags on the shelves. It's not a design I'm entirely in love with as an artist, but from a commercial stand point it's really successful.
Inside the bag are a bunch of brightly colored gummy cubes. These little morsels are made from the same frothy foamy-gummy material as those novelty gummy pizzas and hamburgers, only this time their cube-shaped and covered in sour sanding sugar.
There are 4 different flavors in this mix, each with their own unique corn syrup-y fruit-flavored filling. The fruity centers are liquid, but not runny. Kind of like the center of Gushers.

Strawberry Mango
(orange) -The gummy outside is only slightly sour, due to the sanding sugar, and it tastes like the foamy-version of the Mango Mango gummies from Trader Joe's, while the inside is a thick strawberry syrup, similar to the stuff used to make strawberry milk and milkshakes, but thicker, and less flavorful. The liquid adds a bit of generic berry-like sweetness to the tropical mango cube, which was tastier than I expected.

Apple Watermelon (green) - For this one the outside has the same green apple flavoring as Skittles, but slightly more authentic, with a filling that tastes like liquid watermelon Jolly Rancher. It starts out very apple-heavy, but once you hit the filling the watermelon easily overpowers the gummy base. I normally hate green apple flavored sweets but this one was really yummy.

Cherry Lime (pink/red) - Sweet generic cherry foam-gummy base with an amazingly delicious lime filling. The inside flavor is very bold, and concentrated, it's like eating a spoonful of margarita mix with a cherry jelly bean chaser, but I'm not complaining.

Blue Raspberry Lemon
(blue) - Out of them all, this one is my favorite just because it looks so cool! The yellow filling looks neon green against the blue gummy and it reminds me of Slimer from Ghostbusters. It's so cool! For this one the gummy is surprisingly authentic as far as raspberry flavored gummies go, and the filling is delicate, but very tangy. Easily the most sour of the bunch. I don't taste much lemon or lemonade, it's more like a sour raspberry, but I love it!
These aren't very sour at all, but they're my new favorite Trolli product! It's like Gushers, foamy-gummies, and sour worms were combined to create one immensely satisfying cube-shaped stackable snack. It's sour, sweet, chewy, and juicy, all at the same time! Plus the flavor combinations work really nicely with one another and there's not one cube in this bag that I didn't enjoy. (Then again gummy candy is my favorite type of candy, so those of you who don't like gummies might not be as enthusiastic about this stuff as I am.) I bought these thinking they'd be a fun novelty products to take a few photos with, but they turned out to be way more enjoyable than I ever imagined. These kick those lame Warheads cubes' butt, and I will definitely be repurchasing.
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  1. it does remind me of capri sun fruit snacks.

  2. I normally don't get excited over gummy products but look at that... I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE.