Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WarHeads Sour Chewy Cubes - Dollar Tree - Cinnaminson, NJ

WarHeads Sour Chewy Cubes  - Dollar Tree - Cinnaminson, NJ
This is my last piece of Halloween Candy. (I think...)

Starting tomorrow we're back to pumpkin posts! (And I have a nice pumpkin stock pile ready to go.) 

There isn't much to review here, so this will be pretty short.

Other than the box, what's seasonal about this candy? Apparently it has three "limited edition" flavors.
  • Scary Black Cherry
  • Goblin Green Apple
  • Ogre Orange
Wait a minute, aren't these all normal WarHead flavors? It seems like all three flavors are already available in the every day version of this candy. What a rip off!

The tiny candy cubes inside were soft, like a fruit pastille, and very generically flavored.
  • Black Cherry - was artificial, but it was my favorite of the three. It reminded me of the black cherry Blow Pops that turn your mouth purple.
  • Green Apple - was pretty chemical-like and generic.
  • Orange - was just like a normal orange slice gummy/jelly.
The kicker? These weren't even sour! I know that these rate really low on the WarHeads sour scale, but even sour patch kids have these beat. Heck, a Sweet-Tart is tangier! 

It stinks to end on a sour note (that was bad. I'm sorry), but these candies are a pretty big disappointment. They are absolutely nothing like the candy they claim to be. These aren't very flavorful, or sour, and they aren't even limited edition! Although I love the soft jelly texture, I actually regret buying these things. (Although they were fun to stack.)
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