Monday, November 4, 2013

Rotten Apple Cotton Candy - ???

Rotten Apple Cotton Candy  - ???
This was a little birthday present from my friends Sean and Matt. (I also got an awesome little skeleton that dances using solar power. I love him! Thank you!)
This was made by the same company as the Candy Corn Cotton Candy I reviewed a few days ago.

For a novelty brand, Fun Sweets is putting a decent amount of work into their designs. I really liked the candy corn themed packaging and, although I could have done without the green stripe at the top, this design is really nice too. What brings this plastic tub to a higher level than most of the other novelty cotton candies? It's the simple purple  silhouette-style art that wraps around the bottom of the container. It's classic, bold, and very well done. I would have liked to see more of the container use the purple color scheme, but the rest of the design isn't that bad.

Once opened, I expected this to smell like artificial, chemical, green apple, but it's surprisingly authentic. This apple flavored candy actually smells like apple cider mixed with green jolly rangers. (It kind of reminds me of the caramel apple Jones' soda, but without the caramel.)

I tore a little bit of the fluffy green candy off of the container-shaped mountain and it tastes quite authentic too! It is no where near biting into a green apple, but it is one of the more authentic fruity flavored cotton candies I have ever had.
I'm not sure where my friends picked this up, but if you're an apple fan you have to try this!
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