Friday, July 22, 2016

Ghoulish Gum Balls - Target (#tbt)

Ghoulish Gum Balls - Target (#tbt) 
This was yesterday's #tbt review, but I never found the time to finish writing it up.  
Only 100 more days until Halloween! Soon the shelves will be lined with spooky skull and bat themed EVERYTHING. Sure it's supposed to be seasonal decor and decorations, but if you're a former goth-kid like me, it's the best time of the year to redecorate your home! 
I grabbed a few packages of these spooky Halloween themed gum balls when they went on clearance back in the fall. I've been munching on them here and there, but I'm finally down to my last pack, so I thought it'd be fun to write it up for a #tbt. 

The packaging is just a clear plastic tube with some full color printing. It functions well, the cute clip art bats and haunted house stand out nicely against the light colored candies inside, and the text screams default-Halloween font. It's not a fantastic design, but it's appealing and captures the fun of seasonal novelty candies. All-in-all, not bad. (I dig it.)

Not only are these gumballs seasonally-colored, but some of them have spooky printed images on them and fancy fillings! Inside we have...

Slime Balls 
(bright green textured gumball with lime flavored slime inside) 
To me, this one looks the coolest. I love the neon green color and the added texturing. It looks like something rom the Ninja Turtles! Like Ooze gumboils or something. Taking a bite, the center isn't as slime-y as promised, but it does have a nice lime flavor to it. Similar to lime Skittles. This was my favorite visually, but it's flavoring doesn't last ver long. 

Pumpkin Seedlings 
(orange colored with a jack o'lantern face & candy "seeds" inside)
Seedlings was a gum I grew up LOVING but it's really just a gumball with a few sprinkles inside. I love the little pumpkin-face, and the sprinkles add some playful texturing that makes chewing this one vs. the others very different. It's not life changing, but it adds some great variety to this mix. 

Count Blacula
(Black colored with a white fang-faced print and cherry flavored "blood" inside)
This one is filled with a cherry slime, and I could be crazy, but the gum itself seems to taste like black cherry too. It has the boldest flavor of the bunch, and the black food coloring turns my tongue gray, which I find very fun. Easily my favorite of the bunch as far as taste is concerned. 

Horror Eyes 
(not the most creative name...but this one is just a normal gumball with eye-printing)
Just your average normal gumball, just printed to look like a little eyeball. No fancy fillings here. I found this to be the most boring to eat, but it does look really cute.  
I picked up these gumball tubes pretty cheap on holiday clearance, and even though they aren't gourmet or fancy, I really love them and would definitely re-purchase. They'd make a great seasonal candy dish filler!
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  1. Only if the gum flavor would last a long time. The Count Blacula looks like a sushi roll sort of.

    1. It kind of does! The flavor pay off isn't great, but they're so stinking cute that I'd happily repurchase them this Halloween.