Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Make Fudge Not War Ice Cream - Aldi ($1.99)

Make Fudge Not War Ice Cream - Aldi ($1.99) 
Another long day at work deserves another pint of Aldi ice cream.
Last time I looked into Aldi's Brookie Dough, which seems like a dupe of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked, and this one looks suspiciously like Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie...but it's half the price!
Before we get started I have to admit, this is NOT my first pint of this flavor, it's my third, so already you know this is going to be pretty darn awesome. 
Aldi might offer the same flavors as Ben & Jerry, but when it comes to looks...B&J win by a landslide. I talked about the packaging in depth with my Brookie Dough review. If you're interested in my thoughts on that you can read all about it HERE. Aldi only recently introduced these pints, so they will hopefully get a makeover in the future, but this is a classic case of not judging a book by it's cover.

I removed the lid and the plastic safety seal to reveal the ice cream inside. Once opened, I could only see 2 pieces of brownie bits on the surface, which was a bummer, but you never know what lies beneath unless you dig in! 

I aimed for one of the brownie bits, dug up a big spoonful, and popped into my mouth. This stuff is SO good! It's my favorite of the three Aldi flavors, and I typically don't like chocolate ice cream! The chocolate ice cream base is rich and fudgey, reminding me of Death By Chocolate which is a flavor I loved as a kid, and the brownie bits are soft and grainy, more like batter pieces than baked sold brownie bits. It's so decadent and fudgey! I could not stop eating it. 
As I mentioned earlier, this is my third pint. The first one I took over my boyfriends for a snacking and Netflix session. He normally picks on me for my Aldi obsession, but I wasn't hearing any complaints about this stuff! He loved it and we finished off the pint (and Stranger Things) in one night. My Second pint was polished off by my sister and I after a long week of work, and now I have this third one that I bought "just to review." (We both know it was another excuse for me to eat ice cream and feel less guilty about it.) So far this Aldi ice cream line is AMAZING, and it seems to be a permanent addition to the freezer aisle, I've got one more flavor left to go but I can safely say all three flavors are definitely worth checking out. It's just like Ben & Jerry's but half the price! You can't beat that!
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  1. This is the best chocolate Ice cream I've had in a while. Reminds me of Baskin Robbins Dutch Chocolate almond,my favorite flavor years ago.

  2. Found your blog by searching the name of this ice cream on the hunch I'm not the only one who suspects Ben and Jerry's behind the curtain on this one :)

  3. If you take the 5digit product code on the carton and Google that code, you should be able to figure out who makes it. Typically, some private brand, 3rd party company makes it, even though its super similar to a name brand.

  4. it seems to taste funny raspberry or cherry. i wanna be sure its ok to eat and not some weird chemical! plz help! anyone else been tasting the difference in Make fudge not War ice cream?

    1. I think it is great. Definitely chocolate overload.

  5. I'm about a 3rd in and not one brownie. I'm not happy because I specifically got this instead of going to stater bros for the real version (B&J) :(