Saturday, September 17, 2016

PB Crave Cookie Nookie Peanut Butter - Aldi $4.99

PB Crave Cookie Nookie Peanut Butter - Aldi $4.99
I bought the banana peanut butter for me, and this one I bought just for you guys. Looking at my older posts, and post made by my fellow food bloggers, the general public goes NUTS for cookie dough flavored stuff. I just don't understand it!

Don't get me wrong, cookie dough is amazing. Cookie dough flavored things? Not so much. I like to bake and I do so quite often, so I know what real cookie dough tastes like, and nothing "cookie dough flavored" has ever held a candle to the real deal. Do people just not remember what the real thing tastes like? Or do we all just turn a blind eye and accept it because of the convenience of not having to whip up a batch of dough ourselves? Maybe this peanut butter will prove me wrong, and I'll literally be eating my words, after all the banana version is great, but I'm pretty skeptical...

I gave the jar a pretty in depth look in my last review, and this one is the same with some minor variations, so I'm going to skip the design critique portion of this review and get right to the PB! (Read the banana review if you're interested in my thoughts on packaging.)
The first thing I noticed was that the consistency was completely different. The banana PB was soft and runny, this is more of a solid spread. There are a few flecks in it, most likely chocolate chips or flakes, but the overall look and aroma are pretty standard PB. It's sweet, salty, and peanut-y...with maybe a tiny hint of chocolate, but not much. Nothing special and cookie-dough-like just yet!
I scooped up a spoonful and popped it into my mouth tastes like a soft and flavorful peanut butter with chocolate chips in it. Just like I expected. Peanut butter is a strong flavoring, and trying to make that taste like cookie dough just isn't gonna happen. You could argue that they could be going for a peanut butter cookie dough, as in it's supposed to taste like peanut-based cookie batter, but that's a bit of a cop out.
Since it was so expensive (I mean $5 for a jar of PB! And there aren't even bananas in it?) I gave it another shot. I gave the butter a really good stir, which was less photogenic, and gave it another taste. Okay, when mixed you get a slightly more buttery and brown sugar flavoring...but it's still peanut butter with chocolate chips in it. I'm not buying it. (Although I guess I literally did...) 

Banana peanut butter is awesome, and it delivered exactly what it promised. This jar said it tasted like cookie dough, and it's just PB with a hint of sugar and chocolate. No dice. I am glad I gave it a try and the benefit of a doubt, but this is definitely not a re-buy for me. In all fairness, this brand of peanut butter tastes pretty high-end, but it comes with a matching price tag, and this flavor in particular doesn't deliver what it promised. Unless I got a bum jar or something, I wouldn't recommend it, especially not at this price point, but the banana? It's awesome. I get all the banana flavoring with 0 oxidization and rotten bananas. 
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